How to Nail the Embroidery Trend DIY Style

Images by  Julius July

Images by Julius July

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Embroidered and patchwork detailing has been a major trend this season, but the prices on some of these pieces have been a major turn off. So when I found this oversized white denim trucker jacket at Beacon's Closet, I was all over it! I loved it plain, but it was begging for a makeover!

I was so hyped to DIY this baby, I forgot to take before pics, but it's pretty much a classic white jacket, little bit baggy, kind of like an old school Levi's boyfriend jacket. After endless analysis over the array of patches at MJ Trim, I settled on these large scale rose patches. They were kind of old Victorian romantic meets tattoo parlor, and I loved the combination. It ended up being cheaper to buy a few of the large patches and cut them to size instead of buying all small to medium sized ones. 

DIY Patchwork Embroidered Jacket MJ Trim

At home I trimmed and laid them out until I found a pattern I liked. I arranged them on the jacket, safety pinning them in place to get a good look at the layout before ironing them on. When I was ready to commit, I unpinned them one at a time then firmly pressed into place with an extra hot iron. 

Lower East Side Street Art Murals

And ta da! The final look came out pretty perfect! I got premium patches, so this total look cost me about $70, but that's still way cheaper than a comparable style will cost at retail, and it only took about 30 minutes of work to get it done! My last DIY jacket was a total bust, but I am so happy with these results I may try my hand at another makeover!