Borrowing from the Boys

Denim Jacket Slip Dress.jpg

December dressing means time to mix festive elements with cozy pieces. You can start to layer creatively and mix and match for the most stylish results. You guys know my style ranges from girly glam to slightly edgy, so I love playing with combining unexpected elements when getting dressed. 

Denim Jacket Slip Dress 2.jpg

When I saw this stunning slip dress I had to immediately add to cart! I nabbed it in Anthropologie's big sale, and of course it sold out! The fabric is so chic, and it's a nice heavy weight, not too delicate or flimsy. It def looks more like a dress than lingerie which is exactly what you want in a slip dress. It does run a little big, but I kind of like the loose fit. Since it's such a slinky, sexy fabric, I like the effect of the extra fabric so it's not too tight. 

But of course I had to give it a little edge, so I stole my boyfriend's classic Levi's trucker coat! It's the perfect, oversized fit and the medium wash denim instantly ups the cool factor.

Denim Jacket Street Style.jpg

I've worn the coat a few times and am starting to get obsessed. I don't think it's heavy enough for the dead of winter, but for chilly (not freezing) days it's pretty perfect. I love how I styled it with a cocktail dress, but have also worn it with jeans and a sweater. He kinda wants the jacket back, but um, idk yet! 

Levis Denim Jacket Back View.jpg

And let me know what you think of these pics since I shot them all myself! I've been playing with self-portraits and I think these turned out pretty good. 

How to Nail the Embroidery Trend DIY Style

Images by  Julius July

Images by Julius July

Check out my current obsession!

Embroidered and patchwork detailing has been a major trend this season, but the prices on some of these pieces have been a major turn off. So when I found this oversized white denim trucker jacket at Beacon's Closet, I was all over it! I loved it plain, but it was begging for a makeover!

I was so hyped to DIY this baby, I forgot to take before pics, but it's pretty much a classic white jacket, little bit baggy, kind of like an old school Levi's boyfriend jacket. After endless analysis over the array of patches at MJ Trim, I settled on these large scale rose patches. They were kind of old Victorian romantic meets tattoo parlor, and I loved the combination. It ended up being cheaper to buy a few of the large patches and cut them to size instead of buying all small to medium sized ones. 

DIY Patchwork Embroidered Jacket MJ Trim

At home I trimmed and laid them out until I found a pattern I liked. I arranged them on the jacket, safety pinning them in place to get a good look at the layout before ironing them on. When I was ready to commit, I unpinned them one at a time then firmly pressed into place with an extra hot iron. 

Lower East Side Street Art Murals

And ta da! The final look came out pretty perfect! I got premium patches, so this total look cost me about $70, but that's still way cheaper than a comparable style will cost at retail, and it only took about 30 minutes of work to get it done! My last DIY jacket was a total bust, but I am so happy with these results I may try my hand at another makeover!  

On Fashion and Freedom

Images by  John HIbionada

Images by John HIbionada

If someone asks what I'm passionate about, fashion will surely be in my top 5. It's been my job for nearly a decade, but has been so much more to me than just a career path. A lot of people say that their interest in fashion came from looking for way to express themselves, but for me it was more about control. I wanted to be able to shape the way people saw me, and I learned young how easily that perception can be swayed based only on what you are wearing. With the right outfit, I could be a girly girl, an athlete, a bombshell, or a nerd - all personality traits that coexist within me. 

The Reformation  Talulah Dress

The Reformation Talulah Dress

We all know people are judged by first impression, however wrong that may be. Fashion is transformative and if you read this blog or follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm not loyal to any one look. You have seen me rock Adidas sweats one day, bold colored silk dresses on others. Fashion gives you the freedom to do so. And while they can be all over the place, you can connect the dots between most of my looks and determine some elements of my signature style. 

I'm a glamour girl at heart, if this look doesn't give it away. Some of the hottest trends these days all revolve around casual basics that I love, like bodysuits and athletic inspired pieces. But don't you just miss dressing up sometimes? It's so much fun, and everyone should be reminded of how good it feels.  So yes, I put on this gown, and makeup and wore this big wavy hair because glamour isn't dead. And because sometimes we need to be reminded of how magical fashion can be.

And I added a shearling vest because this New York almost Spring/winter not over weather is weird! I may be all about the glamour, but I'm not about freezing my ass off. 

Are there any super glamorous items on your Spring shopping list? If not on the shopping list, I hope you add some!

One Key Piece: The Street-Art Inspired Bomber


Sometimes all you need is one key piece to finish your look. Even the best dressed fashion babes have days where you just want to throw something basic on and go. When my schedule gets so hectic I can barely think, I go to a basic formula for dressing. Jeans, leather pants or culottes on bottom, simple sweater or t-shirt or top, then throw on a standout piece. It could be shoes, a ton of eye-catching jewelry, or a jacket to top off the look. 

So when I found this amazing graffiti bomber there was no way I couldn't grab it! You guys know from my Instagram I'm a huge fan of street art, so this piece was really calling me.  

Plus it's just as cool from the back as it is from the front! This item is part of Rachel Roy's limited edition Graffiti Collection available at Macys. Rachel collaborated with George  "SEN-One" Morillo, one of the most revered artists in graffiti history. The collection is inspired by NYC's graffiti scene in the 80's, and the current athleisure trend that is still going strong. You may remember Rachel Roy's unfortunate Instagram post that ended in a flood of "Becky" allegations. However she was first and foremost a fashion designer, and this piece is a nice, edgy departure from her usually restrained, classic items.

There really are dozens of ways to wear this baby! Today I'm rocking it with jeans, a cashmere sweater and booties. But it would be great on top of a feminine dress for some contrast, with leggings running errands, or even thrown on top of your gym clothes on the way to a workout. Just try to avoid the temptation to pair it with the matching leggings, because that would be entirely toooooo much! 

Rachel Roy Graffiti Bomber, available at Macys. It's now $139, but try to catch it on sale! Also check out more of George's amazing work and stay tuned for the launch of his online shop!