The Ultimate Denim Jacket

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It's Mon-slay! Hope you guys are ready for an amazing Monday. I'm recovering from the best birthday party ever, which you can check out on my Insta-story highlight. My actual birthday isn't for a few more days, but why not spend a few days celebrating? Since I'm still in casual fun mode, this look is the perfect one for early Spring weather, and days when you want to look pulled together but still want a casual vibe. 

and more of that Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife!

and more of that Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife!

Denim jackets are a style staple, and the coolest new versions are oversized. Think of it as the jacket version of your favorite baggy boyfriend jeans.  I've worn this baby after a workout and dressed it up for this look with a little black dress and booties. 

Photo Mar 24, 5 37 48 PM (1).jpg
Photo Mar 24, 5 42 29 PM (1).jpg

I've been having more fun with my hair the past few weeks as well. Since the front of my hair gets a little too puffy when it's super curly, I swept it up into a fun top knot and left the back half out. This look will definitely be one of my go to styles for Spring!


What trends are you most into for Spring? And If you are loving this look, shop these items and similar ones below! I also saved a few favorites on my Like to Know! 

When Grunge Meets Glam

Images by Darryl Pratt

Images by Darryl Pratt

Grunge Glam Street Style NYC

As much as I love my sparkles, florals, and femme silhouettes, sometimes a girl just can't be bothered.  On days like that I go to my alternative uniform - ripped denim and a graphic tank. it's easy, comfy, takes approximately 2 minutes to get dressed, yet looks simple and sexy.  

Since I always feel weird pairing short shorts with flats or sexy heels I opted to play up the grungy vibe with chunky moto boots. 


If you are feeling this look, shop similar styles below!

The Summer-Ready Romper

Images by  Steven Elliott  

Images by Steven Elliott 

It's too hot to wear clothes. 

That is pretty much my mood when NYC temps hover near the 90's and the humidity has you feeling drenched 5 minutes after you leave your house. However because I am a functioning human being with a job I'd like to keep and a business I'm trying to build, I try to find light airy pieces to get me through the sweltering days when I can't stay home laying in front of my AC. 

Meatpacking District Summer Lookbook

For a blazing hot summer day, I pulled out this lingerie inspired romper from H&M. Rompers are having a moment for both men and women, and I totally get why. One piece dressing is easy on lazy days. They have an easy breezy vibe that is perfect for summer. Plus in a delicate white fabric with romantic floral print, it's perfect for garden brunching and rooftop hopping!

Romper Detail Shot

Since this really looks like it could be pajamas, I added a ton of gold jewelry and chunky platform espadrilles to keep it grounded. 

Summer Fun NYC Lookbook

You can get this actual romper from H&M, while it's still available! And check out some of my other picks to nail this summer look! 

The 1 Dress You Need for Summer

Images by Brandon Luckain

Images by Brandon Luckain

Bold prints and patterns are my summer go tos. The warm sunny weather makes me want to pull out a palette of bright colors and borderline obnoxious prints. Even though I love patterns, I dont usually go for horizontal stripes, especially not in such a bold color palette. But for some reason this Mara Hoffman multicolored striped maxi dress was calling me. And hey, it was from Rent the Runway so no commitment required! I took advantage of one of their specials to rent a few styles for a weekend so decided to experiment a bit. 

The dress fit perfectly and even though I was worried about it being too long,  the length was just right! I styled it with a pair of cobalt blue lace up sandals to bring out the hue in the dress. 


And in case you haven't noticed from my Instagram, I also tend to gravitate to silhouettes with low cut backs. The back of this dress is super flattering and the pretty little knot is the best detail.  

If you are curious about trying a new style or spicing up your look, renting is a great low cost way to experiment with fashion. It gives you access to hundreds of options and pretty much guarantees you'll never have buyers remorse. And New York girls,  just think of the closet space you'll free up! 

Highland Portrait Summer New York

What trends are you most excited to try this summer? 

How to Nail the Embroidery Trend DIY Style

Images by  Julius July

Images by Julius July

Check out my current obsession!

Embroidered and patchwork detailing has been a major trend this season, but the prices on some of these pieces have been a major turn off. So when I found this oversized white denim trucker jacket at Beacon's Closet, I was all over it! I loved it plain, but it was begging for a makeover!

I was so hyped to DIY this baby, I forgot to take before pics, but it's pretty much a classic white jacket, little bit baggy, kind of like an old school Levi's boyfriend jacket. After endless analysis over the array of patches at MJ Trim, I settled on these large scale rose patches. They were kind of old Victorian romantic meets tattoo parlor, and I loved the combination. It ended up being cheaper to buy a few of the large patches and cut them to size instead of buying all small to medium sized ones. 

DIY Patchwork Embroidered Jacket MJ Trim

At home I trimmed and laid them out until I found a pattern I liked. I arranged them on the jacket, safety pinning them in place to get a good look at the layout before ironing them on. When I was ready to commit, I unpinned them one at a time then firmly pressed into place with an extra hot iron. 

Lower East Side Street Art Murals

And ta da! The final look came out pretty perfect! I got premium patches, so this total look cost me about $70, but that's still way cheaper than a comparable style will cost at retail, and it only took about 30 minutes of work to get it done! My last DIY jacket was a total bust, but I am so happy with these results I may try my hand at another makeover!  

The Top Giving Me Major Summer Vibes

Images by  Steven Elliott

Images by Steven Elliott

So who is in vacation mode?

The spring summer weather is definitely starting to put me in the mood for another trip. It's the time of year where all you want to do is brunch outdoors, wander the streets of New York snacking on whatever treat is trending in the moment, and taking pics with your squad.

Cha Cha Matcha Street Style Soho

This shirt pretty much sums up my mood right now. This Free People palm print shirt screams vacation vibes. The silky, flowy fabric and fun tropical print are the perfect combination. This shirt was enough of a statement piece, so I let it do the talking, pairing it with simple skinny jeans and sneaks, and simple accessories. The perfect finishing touch was my Jord watch, which is becoming one of my fave Spring accessories.

Jord Wood Watch Spring Acessories

In case you missed it, I'm partnering with the brand to help one lucky winner get a watch of their own! If you haven't already entered the giveaway, you only have until the 28th to do so. Make sure you enter now for the chance to win a credit for one of these amazing watches! And the best part - everyone who enters gets a $25 consolation prize. So what are you waiting for? Enter now! 

What are your favorite ways to spend Spring weekends in the city? And any exciting trips coming up? I'll be revealing my next 2 destinations soon so make sure you stay tuned to my Instagram to find out!

On Fashion and Freedom

Images by  John HIbionada

Images by John HIbionada

If someone asks what I'm passionate about, fashion will surely be in my top 5. It's been my job for nearly a decade, but has been so much more to me than just a career path. A lot of people say that their interest in fashion came from looking for way to express themselves, but for me it was more about control. I wanted to be able to shape the way people saw me, and I learned young how easily that perception can be swayed based only on what you are wearing. With the right outfit, I could be a girly girl, an athlete, a bombshell, or a nerd - all personality traits that coexist within me. 

The Reformation  Talulah Dress

The Reformation Talulah Dress

We all know people are judged by first impression, however wrong that may be. Fashion is transformative and if you read this blog or follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm not loyal to any one look. You have seen me rock Adidas sweats one day, bold colored silk dresses on others. Fashion gives you the freedom to do so. And while they can be all over the place, you can connect the dots between most of my looks and determine some elements of my signature style. 

I'm a glamour girl at heart, if this look doesn't give it away. Some of the hottest trends these days all revolve around casual basics that I love, like bodysuits and athletic inspired pieces. But don't you just miss dressing up sometimes? It's so much fun, and everyone should be reminded of how good it feels.  So yes, I put on this gown, and makeup and wore this big wavy hair because glamour isn't dead. And because sometimes we need to be reminded of how magical fashion can be.

And I added a shearling vest because this New York almost Spring/winter not over weather is weird! I may be all about the glamour, but I'm not about freezing my ass off. 

Are there any super glamorous items on your Spring shopping list? If not on the shopping list, I hope you add some!

Style Essentials Reinvented

Images by  Maurice Jones

Images by Maurice Jones

Fashionistas like me tend to get carried away. We obsess over bold colors, wild patterns, and all kinds of embellishments. I love standout pieces as much as the next fashion lover, but sometimes the things that catch my eye the most are clean and simple. Sometimes a style challenge can focus on reinventing your basics, not just going for the loudest, most high energy pieces.

For this look, I wanted to combine simple classic pieces that were the perfect mix of sporty and sexy. These high waisted skinny jeans are quickly becoming my go to pair. They are super comfortable but the way they fit is perfect for showing off my curves. Sometimes I like to balance tight bottoms with a flowy shirt, but since I've been killing it at the gym getting in shape for my vacation, I have been more inclined to show off. I doubled down on the fitted factor, pairing the jeans with this amazing, sleek bodysuit from Tobi. Bodysuits are my everything, especially in Spring and Summer. They keep everything smooth and in place, and can make even the most simple outfit extra cool and sexy. This style is in classic black, but the cat-collar and low back give it va-va-voom vibes! 

The best part? This style features snap closures so you can easily take care of business without having to fully undress! Just be careful and wear a bit of fashion tape to keep everything in place! I definitely felt like a good gust of wind would have caused a major wardrobe malfunction! 

How do you spice up your wardrobe essentials? Let me know how you keep your style fresh by playing with classic items! And special thanks to the Tobi team for collaborating with me on this post. Make sure to shop this style and some amazing other options on! 

Memories of My First Love

New York-Heart-Wall

Images by John Hibionada

I'm a born and raised New Yorker. The city has been the backdrop of so many of my favorite stories, and exciting adventures. I'm sure everyone who lives here feels some sort of connection to this place. For me that connection has deepened so many of my childhood and adult memories. New York moments are real, and here are a few of my most unforgettable.

My dad trying to conquer his fear of heights long enough to take me to the top of the Empire state building. He stayed well in the center of the viewing area but let me get as close to the edge as I wanted.

My school trip to Ellis Island when I suddenly became acutely aware that the identity and history documented there was not my own. 


My mother dancing and twirling along the fountains outside the Met, somehow managing to never fall in.

Years later,  the memory of my first great love kissing me at Lincoln Center. He was in a tux and only took me there because he said the New York Times described it as the most romantic place to share a kiss in the city. It took 3 years after our breakup before I could stand on those steps without feeling sick. 

Tearing up over the view on my last night in the city, before moving to Italy for grad school. And actually crying the first hour of the flight, halfway because of the sheer terror of moving to a country without knowing anyone or speaking the language and halfway because I was leaving the love of my life.

Every time I flew back to this city and met him. 


Every time I make it home from work early enough to catch the view of the sun setting over the city from my living room window.  


Here’s to my hometown

NYFW Style Diary: Look 2

Fashion Week is in full swing! The Fall collections have been amazing - so much rich color, texture and embellishments. Even though I'm still hoping to transition into Spring dressing soon enough, Fall will be just around the corner, and so will those gorgeous clothes. I'll be doing a full recap on my favorite trends for Fall 2017,  so stay tuned for that next week! 

As Fashion Week drags on, maintaining your energy levels and daily rotation of stylish outfits is a tough challenge.  With so much non-stop running between work, shows, after parties you need looks that keep you comfortable, but also street style worthy. Even though all you want to do is curl up on the couch in pajamas with wine and Netflix! 

Since athleisure is still having a moment, I had no doubt about pulling out my classic Adidas sweats. They are warm, comfy, and have a slimmer fit at the bottom of the leg, so the look is more tailored. 

Since it's still pretty chilly out, I'm actually layering jackets today. This is my favorite leather jacket, a thick quilted baby I've had for years. And on top of that is my fur and suede vest. The cropped chunky style adds a lot of volume, and I love the play on proportions. 

And even though I desperately wanted to put on sneakers, I felt like the look needed a sharp finishing point to really make a statement.  Accessories are like the exclamation point on your outfit, and these definitely get the point across in high energy! I'm at least going to start the day in these super sexy Sergio Rossi pumps, but no promise I'll end up keeping these on all day! 

Stay tuned for the details on my next look, and of course follow all my adventures this week in real time on Instagram! 


NYFW Style Diary: Look 1

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

It's that time of year again! New York Fashion Week kicked off on Thursday and so far the days have been long and a nice mix of exhaustion and excitement. I've been in fashion for so long, but this honestly never gets old. I love the energy and chaos, the crowds of fashionable people all converging on a few venues in the city, and the chance to preview the trends you'll see everywhere next season. 

So far the week has been interesting to say the least. I've hit up a few presentations by independent designers and have a jam-packed schedule for the rest of the week. The hardest part of NYFW, other than maintaining your stamina, is figuring out what to wear for each event! I try to mix in a few standout pieces and pop colors, but comfort is the priority when you are legit running in between shows. Plus the February weather adds the even more challenging layer of looking stylish but staying warm. 

Clarkson Square NYFW

I got this bomber in Zara's massive end of season sale. Red is one of my favorite colors, and varsity styles are super trendy this season. It's not as warm as my beloved Canada Goose or long wool coat, but it does the job as long as I'm not standing around outside for too long. 

Plus this neoprene dress from Nasty Gal has a nice amount of weight to it so that helps make this look a little cold weather friendly. It's super figure flattering and the modern silhouette and detailing make it a conversation starter And these Italian cashmere tights from Calzedonia will keep my legs warm and toasty, even in this mini dress. Calzedonia still does not sell or ship here, but I bought a ton of tights back from my trip to Rome in November. 

I started to wear plain black knit booties, but since it's fashion week, decided to be a little extra. These chunky suede booties are a sexy silhouette but comfortable enough to walk around in all day, and the metallic silver star embellishments are the perfect finishing touch. 

Patchwork Varsity Bomber Close Up Details

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Snapchat to see what shows and events I'll be going to! I'l also be guest blogging on a few other sites and will let you know where to find my posts!

Happy Fashion Week! 

How to Shop Like a Street Style Star

Photo by Priscilla Reyes

Photo by Priscilla Reyes

You’ve probably wondered how your favorite fashion bloggers always look so stylish. The answer very well could be a generous bank account and several brand partnerships. But a lot of the fashion and street style bloggers I know rely on secret weapon websites that are even cheaper than fast fashion chains like Zara and H&M. It may be scary ordering from a foreign website with an almost impossible return policy, but I’ve recently started exploring these sites and consulted with some of my blogger friends on their shopping tips. Here’s how to navigate some of the best new fast fashion sites and not hate everything you end up with. If you’ve never heard of Romwe, Shein, or Choies, get ready to add these babies to your bookmarks.

The  Romwe  coat I fell for, shot by Priscilla Reyes

The Romwe coat I fell for, shot by Priscilla Reyes

Get Social

Start by browsing the website and picking out your favorite pieces, like you would for any other retailer. But before you check-out, browse their Instagram, their hashtags, and tagged pictures to see how people style their merch. You can get a great idea of how the end product will look on a few different people to decide if it’s for you.

Choies  Red Off the Shoulder Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Choies Red Off the Shoulder Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Do Some Research

In addition to insta-stalking, Google the product name or description to see if you can find some reviews or comments from other sites or blogs. You may end up finding a detailed description of fit, color, shipping, and any other info you may need to make your final decision. I saw this red dress on several bloggers with different body types before I finally caved and bought it, and luckily it looked perfect on me! 

Choies  Black Asymmetrical Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Choies Black Asymmetrical Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Assume You Won’t Return It

You may be used to the free returns and very generous return policies most retailers offer.  A lot of these sites do allow returns, but when you read the fine print, the terms make a return or exchange costly and difficult. We’re talking you are on the hook for return shipping to China and restocking fees. If you end up with an item that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expected, you’d be better off trading it at a local consignment shop, selling it online, or giving it to a friend who may like it. Just keep that in mind when you are placing your orders! When I ordered this black dress I was worried about it showing too much cleavage and I hated the included black patent belt, but I found a way to style it that I love. 

The sweater  Romwe  called a dress

The sweater Romwe called a dress

Choose Carefully

Since you will more or less be stuck with whatever you purchase, shop carefully and attentively! Pay attention to the sizing and measurements, care instructions and fabric content. You won’t be able to buy multiple sizes or colors then decide to keep some and return the rest. So go in with a clear head and few distractions so you can really choose items that you will love. I’ve ordered from Romwe and Choices several times and have only been disappointed once, by a knit “dress” that was marked one size and barely covered my butt. It makes for a cute sweater with jeans though! Happy shopping! 


This post was originally written by me for Party Mean

I Have This Thing with Sleeves

How amazing is this sweater! I found it on one of my last trips to H&M and immediately fell in love. It's a warm, fluffy mohair type material with menswear inspired striped sleeves and hem. 

And let's talk about these sleeves! Volume was a huge trend on the runways this season and this hits the trend on the head! And at only $69 it's a steal! I paired it with skinny leather pants and sock booties to counterbalance the volume and keep the rest of the look chic.

Volume Sleeves Sweater Street Style
Images by  Jack Soltysik

Images by Jack Soltysik

What winter trends are you loving the most right now?