Looks You Need: The White Floral Kimono

Images by  Milli Stephania

Images by Milli Stephania

I'm officially in the swing of late Spring dressing! The weather is warm but not obnoxiously hot, and the days are long, sunny, and beautiful. So what do I wear for these perfect days in the city?

KImono portrait spring

I love a good maxi dress.  The long, flowing silhouette is perfect for making a statement in a more low key way. Today's look is by Privacy Please, one of my favorite brands that I usually buy on Revolve, but I actually rented this from Rent the Runway. I've been slacking on pulling out my spring summer clothes and haven't shopped for the new season yet, so decided to take advantage of an RTR special - rent one get 2 free! I didn't have anything planned when I decided to rent, but you can be sure I filled my calendar before these dresses arrived! 

highline nyc portrait

It's a nice, weighty fabric that feels super luxe, and the delicate floral print gives it a nice romantic vibe. It was a little too loose and low cut in the bust, which seemed like a recipe for disaster, so I layered a blush lace bralette underneath. 

camel suede booties

Since the weather is still too weird for open toes and I wanted to ground the floaty nature of the dress, I paired it with block heel suede ankle boots from Steve Madden. 

And even if you aren't a big renter, get on the Rent the Runway email list so you don't miss their amazing deals. They have a great mix of special occasion and stylish every day options, so you can slay every event from cocktail parties to Sunday brunch. Stay tuned for how I rocked the other dresses I rented in that amazing buy one get 2 deal!