Instant Upgrade! 4 Ways to Look Effortlessly Chic when Traveling

How to Dress Stylish When Travelling
Fashion Tips for Frequent Travelers
How to Dress in Paris
Fashion Tips for Traveling in Style

I have several trips planned this month and am so excited! Travelling can be exhausting, especially around the holiday season, but in my opinion the experience is always worth it. Of course, it can be a struggle to stay stylish on the go when you are juggling itineraries, chasing flights and hauling around days or weeks worth of luggage. Here are some of my tips to instantly up your chic factor when travelling with minimal effort.

Keep Your Clothes Fitted When Travelling

Yes, comfort is key when you are on the road, and there is no sacrificing that. However one of the easiest ways to look put together not messy is to make sure your clothes fit you well! I’m not saying wear a tailored dress or fresh pressed suit, just keep the silhouette neat and clean for a much more polished overall effect. That can mean a change as small as wearing leggings instead of sweat pants or a cozy cashmere sweater instead of an oversized baggy sweatshirt. You will be equally comfortable but look way more stylish!

Carry Functional Accessories in a Neutral Color Palette

You know that you need your ID, phone, and if you do the print version, a boarding pass handy. Keep the essentials together in a clutch you can easily whip out and tuck back in your tote bag to avoid the dreaded bag lady style fumbling around. Bonus points if you have a jacket or blazer that let’s you keep these items in your pocket. And if you only make one switch, trade in your ridiculous noodle pillow for an inflatable version. It’s impossible to look chic wearing one of those! I carry one that folds flat and can be easily inflated once I’m on board.

Dress Appropriately for the Destination

American tourists can be notoriously easy to spot, especially in the summer! Instgaram has changed some of that since everyone wants to get the perfect shot for the gram, and what you are wearing is half the battle. Putting a little effort into your OOTD not only helps make sure you get great pictures to document your trip, it can also help you more seamlessly blend into the style of the destination. When I was in France this summer I stuck to a a few simple slip dresses, comfortable walking sandals, and tailored shorts and blouses instead of denim cutoffs and t-shirts. My Paris wardrobe was wildly different than what I would pack for somewhere like Bermuda or Aruba, where I was all about pop colors, fun chunky jewelry and colorful scarves to accessorize. Plan your looks based on where you are going and what you have planned to blend in, look stylish, and get pics you will love!

Always Pack Classic Accessories

Sometimes unexpected things happen when traveling. Things spill and leave stains, the weather refuses to cooperate and your hair ends up a mess, the airline loses your luggage. You may have to pivot your outfit or pickup some cheap clothes on the way, but one way to always salvage your look is adding timeless, classic accessories. Things like dark sunnies, simple hair clips, and small stud earrings can easily take a basic outfit up a notch. Just do yourself a favor and keep them in your carry-on!

What are your essentials for staying stylish on the go? Let me know in the comments and shop some of my favorite travel accessories below!

My E-Course is Live! How to Make Money as a Microinfluencer!

One of my most popular posts last year was all about how I make money as a microinfluencer. I gave you guys an overview of all my tips for working with brands and getting paid, and I got a ton of follow up questions after that post. I decided to really dive into some of the questions that were asked the most, along with some of the things I thought were super important to know. I’m so happy to announce I finally launched my first ecourse – The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Blog! 

How to Start Making Money As a Blogger

 This guide is designed for microinfluencers to help you maximize your earning potential and start working with your dream brands. I started working on paid brand collaborations when I had less than 5k followers so I’m spilling the tea on how you can too! I am also writing this not just from my perspective as a blogger, but also from my extensive background as a marketing manager. I have worked with huge brands and small and managed influencer and celebrity campaigns at pretty much any level you can imagine.  So I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff, and I’m here to help you with your road map to blogging success!

 Here is a chapter by chapter breakdown of what’s you will see in the course!

Monetize Your Blog.png

1.      Branding Yourself as an Influencer

This chapter is all about how to position yourself as an influencer, define your niche and the type of content you want to create. 

2.     How to Grow Your Audience

Here we go into several different approaches to growing your audience across platforms and how to diversify your platforms for maximum impact.  

3.     Partnering with Agencies vs Brands Directly

In these 2 chapters I explore the differences between working with agencies/influencer networks and brands directly. I also share feedback from decision makers at several of the leading agencies and brands I’ve worked with on how you can succeed as an influencer and nail your campaigns. 

4.    How to Negotiation an Influencer Contract

The more business you bring in, the more versed you need to be in negotiating the best deal. In this chapter I go over how to interpret an influencer agreement, common terms and what they mean, and tactics to make sure you are getting the best rate. 

5.     Other Ways to Generate Income

And finally, I go over some ideas and strategies to maximize your earnings through other streams of income, not just sponsored posts with brands.

 I’m releasing this just in time for the holiday season, which is when most brands activate influencers for campaigns so it’s the perfect time for you to get started earning those coins! My course is live on Teachable and you can access the Basic Edition for only $20! If you want more personalized support the VIP Edition is yours for $75 which includes the course and a follow up strategy call. In the call I’ll give you the opportunity to address any pending questions or areas you need more support with to get started. 

Tips for Making Money as a Microinfluencer

Check it out on Teachable if you are ready to get started! 

How to Shop and Save with!

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Fall Fashion Trends
Fall Shopping Tips
Fall Trends Shopping Guide

 Fall is officially here and you know what that means! It’s the best season to shop! The change in temperatures gets me super excited about refreshing my wardrobe and a lot of retailers begin their markdowns which makes it all the more tempting. It’s a little bit early in the season if you are really trying to get the aggressive pre-holiday discounts, but I love to scout sites and save things to come back to later. But what if there was a way to get all the goods on your dream list and make money while doing so? 

RebatesMe is one of the top cashback sites offering deals, discounts, and cash back services partnering with over 3,000 stores worldwide. Their stores cover all your shopping needs, from fashion and beauty to electronics and home décor. RebatesMe always has the most up-to-date deals and the best cashback offers so you can save money and earn cashback while you shop! As RebatesMe says, they Make Shopping Rewarding.

 Some of my favorite shopping destinations are RebatesMe members, like Bloomingdales, Barney’s and Saks Off 5th, Laura Mercier, and Clarins! They even let you earn cash back on purchases at super high-end sites, like Jimmy Choo, La Mer, and Net-A-Porter. Sign up now for the largest store selection, highest cash back rates, and a sign-up bonus

Shopping Tips with RebatesMe

Check out some of the goods that are on my shopping list, all found at RebatesMe retailers!


3 Fall Trends to Rock Right Now!

I’m so excited that I’m getting a little taste of Fall this week! It’s been 3 months since I moved to LA and I’m finally getting to come back home for a visit. It feels amazing to be back in NY, even though I’m only here for a week for some friend/family time and a wedding. I’ve been spending as much time as possible soaking up the energy that only NY has, and getting to break out some of my fave Fall fashion trends. It’s still a bit too warm in LA to rock leather, sweaters and the like, so I’m enjoying my good old east coast Fall fashion while I can. Here are some of the looks in my rotation this week!

Style Black Leather  Pants
NYC Meatpacking Street Style

 All Black Outfits for Fall

Black never goes out of style. I have so many black pieces I love, and when packing for this trip I found myself digging up a lot of them. Call it the New York girl’s staple, but it’s classic, stylish cool, and easy to wear. I’ll be playing with velvet skinnies and leather skirts paired with sexy pumps or chunky boots. And of course, dramatic sweaters with fun detailing!

Zara Green Velvet Wrap Dress
Velvet Trend for Fall

Velvet Statement Dresses

I have a weakness for velvet and it’s so hard to pull off in hot weather. Luckily, it’s just cool enough  for me to get some wear out of my stylish velvet dresses. I love the material on solid fabrics as much as on prints. For now, I’m still pulling off bare legs, but this look will work just as well with semi-sheer tights. Plus it’s perfect for dressing up for a Fall wedding or date night. 

Layered Slip Dress Styling for Fall
Styling a Slip Dress for Fall

Slip Dresses Styled for Fall

Slip dresses were pretty much my go to this summer, so I’m playing with ways to transition them for Fall. When layered with a stylish knit and pumps or booties, they work perfectly for cooler seasons. I’m putting away my pastels and prints from summer, and sticking to classic dark shades, jewel tones and neutrals. 


What trends are you most info for Fall, and how do you plan on styling them? Let me know in the comments and shop the story below! 


5 Annoying Things That Happen When You Get Engaged

Engagement Photo Shoot Malibu
Couples Engagement Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot Styling

So I recently announced our engagement and couldn’t be happier! I am in the midst of planning the wedding of my dreams with the man of my dreams and pretty much feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. But I can’t help but notice a few annoying patterns of behavior that have come up since we really got into the planning process. I know I’m not the only bride to be that has dealt with her fair share of drama, judgement and guilt, so read on for 5 of the most annoying things that I’ve encountered in the planning process and how to handle them!

What to Expect When You Get Engaged

 People Suddenly Get Nicer When You are Introduced as Fiancee

Obviously, people are happy and congratulatory when they find out you just got engaged. That is totally normal and welcome! However, I did notice that people were generally just nicer to me when he introduced me as his fiancée vs his girlfriend. I kind of thought it was in my head the first few weeks, but I happened to find several articles and YouTube videos from other women, particularly black women, discussing this phenomenon. It’s almost as if your relationship has suddenly been legitimized by a piece of jewelry. This is just one of those things you have to grin and bear. No one means any harm and you can’t call anyone out for being nice and happy without looking crazy.

 The Sudden Increase in Pregnancy Related Questions

Once there’s a ring on it, interest turns very quickly from your wedding to your future reproductive plans! Again, most people mean well and are generally very excited for you, but I find questions or comments about when I’m having a baby inappropriate and offensive. I generally try to be aware of how difficult having a child can be for many couples, so I avoid bringing it up, but most people don’t think that way.  You never know if the couple wants kids, is struggling with infertility, has suffered miscarriages or anything of the sort, and putting someone on the spot in that way can be very difficult and emotional for them. And on another note, if you happen to be in an interracial relationship, get ready for all the commentary on how cute your future baby will be. It’s annoying, gross, rooted in anti-blackness but unfortunately way too common. Depending on who is asking and how invasive or persistent they are, I will either ignore the commentary/questions or flat out tell them to stay out of my uterus. Putting it in clinical terms is pretty effective at getting people to shut up and change the subject.

 The Reaction to Name-Changing or Not

People started asking me what my new name was going to be pretty much as soon as our engagement became public.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to change it, hyphenate, or just stay plain old Kelly and I am not rushing to decide. However, even in 2019 people still think that’s a very strange decision to make. I have been told I have to take his name or at least hyphenate, and had others actually question my commitment because I am attached to my own identity. Plus, back to my above point about nosy people in my uterus, there is plenty of concern about how confusing it will be for my future kids.  This decision is a personal one that no one can make but you, so you need to do what you think is best and feel most comfortable with. The rest can fall into place!

 The Judgement Over Your Wedding Plans

People will think they have a right to weigh in on anything when it comes to your wedding. From where it is, to what date, to how much you are spending to who is invited, get ready for the floodgates to open! My fiancé and I are doing an international destination wedding and the reactions are pretty extreme. People are either super excited about the travel or disappointed we didn’t do something locally. Guest list decisions can also be tough! Weddings can be outlandishly expensive and the single biggest cost driver behind them is the guest list. The more people that attend, the more your costs increase at every level, from food to rentals to staff. If you can’t afford or don’t want a huge affair, you will have to be ruthless about headcount and deal with the backlash. And trust me, there will be very loud and clear backlash! Try to take it in stride and stay positive, and remember – the thing that matters most is your marriage not the wedding plans!

 The Bridal Party Politics

This has been another sticky issue for me, and I know I’m not alone. We’ve had so many debates about whether or not to even have a bridal party, how big they should be, and if they have to be even. We decided to keep it pretty tiny for several reasons, and that has definitely caused some tension. Every bride I’ve ever met has gone through the same thing, so I know I’m in good company. It’s just one of those things where you can’t make everyone happy. Plus it’s also tradition that you include a close female relative of the groom, or vice versa, to represent families coming together.  The factors I considered were my current relationships with each person, how I thought the group dynamics would play out, and what might be going on in my friends lives at the time (financial challenges, starting a family, planning a wedding of their own etc). While it is an honor to be in someone’s wedding, it is also an obligation that includes time, money, and vacation days. I tried to consider factors that would have made it harder for some to effectively participate in the wedding and also who had things going on in their lives that I did not want to distract from. Unfortunately, several people had already made assumptions that they would be bridesmaids and were flying with the bridal party plans before I had even made up my mind. Others didn’t like my thought process behind how I put my bridal party together or thought I should have extended invitations anyway, to be nice. Doing things for the sake of being nice will always add up to be a losing game, so stick to your guns and do what is best for you and your fiancé. It will be hard because you know that you may end up disappointing some of your close friends, but this is not a situation where you can make everyone happy.

There will be many more annoyances you encounter on the wedding planning journey so keep your head up and remember the thing that matters the most - marrying the love of your life! Nothing tops that so remember the end game when people start to work your last damn nerve!

Fall Fashion Basics with Fruit of the Loom!

Fall Fashion Inspiration

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Classic Fall Style Ideas
Classic Fall OOTD Ideas

Are you guys feeling the Fall vibes yet?

September just started so not officially Fall yet, but in the fashion world it’s a pretty exciting time! Between NYFW and the new collections dropping, it’s definitely the time to start getting ready for the Fall season. It will still be pretty hot and sunny here in LA for a while but I’m getting ready for a trip to NY and I’m so excited for a little taste of Fall weather! I’ve been thinking about how to transition my style for LA Fall vs NY Fall, so will be figuring that out as I go. I’m imagining a lot of loose-fitting jeans and stylish tops, slip dresses layered with light sweaters, and casual cool-girl booties.

However, no matter what season it is or what OOTD you are rocking, you need a good foundation. Lately I’ve been turning to Fruit of the Loom Breathable Micro-Mesh bikinis as my go to undies. They are made with breathable, micro-mesh fabric that supports the flow of air so you stay cool and fresh all day long. Plus they feature soft leg bands, a smooth waistband and are tag free to provide extra comfort.

As you already know, what you wear underneath can really make or a break an outfit, so cover your bases with Fruit of the Loom Breathable Micro-Mesh bikinis! They make an assortment of colors and styles to fit with whatever look you put together.

Fruit of the Loom Breathable Mesh Bikinis.jpg
Fall OOTD Inspiration.jpg

Check them out and let me know what Fall trends you are most excited to rock!


Creating Low Carb Cocktails Using White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer

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White Claw Cocktail Recipes.jpg

What’s the best part of summer? Pools, BBQ’s, and of course rooftop cocktails! Being on the keto diet means being pretty careful about drinking, especially mixed drinks. I’ve been keto for about 6 months now and the biggest challenge is staying on track while still maintaining a social life. I’ve been playing with low carb cocktail ideas that are refreshing, tasty and give me the freedom to enjoy socializing with friends while not cheating on my diet.

I had the opportunity to partner with White Claw to create a few fun and easy cocktail recipes.

White Claw Keto Recipes.jpg
White Claw Cocktails.jpg
Keto Friendly Cocktails with White Claw.jpg

White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer is made using a blend of seltzer water, our gluten free BrewPure® alcohol, and natural flavor. Pure Hard Seltzer contains 5% alcohol, 100 calories, and 0g carbs. Check out how I put my spin on it!

Lemon Lime Keto Cooler with White Claw.jpg

White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer Lemon-Lime Spritz

This is a classic and refreshing cocktail, like sparkling lemonade with a hint of booze. Just squeeze a quarter lemon and half a lime into a White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer over ice, and garnish with some  fresh mint. If you want to sweeten it up a bit, a few drops of liquid stevia will go a long way.

Raspberry Lime Keto Cocktail with White Claw.jpg

Raspberry Lime White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer Mixer

This one looks super pretty and the berries add a hint of sweetness. If you don’t eat the berries you save on those carbs, but if you do decide to muddle them or eat them whole it’s still only a few berries so don’t stress over it! Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and use a slice for garnish.

White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer is available most places you would shop, so pick up a case to keep on your bar. It’s also a great option to bring to a house party instead of a bottle of wine! Let me know what cocktails you mix with it. And if you are on the keto diet let me know how you keep up with it!

Haul Alert: PrettyLittleThing Summer Fashion Haul

Palm Springs Outfit Ideas
How to Style a Slip Dress
Slip Dress Styling Ideas
Vintage Shorts Graphic T

I don’t care what they say - it’s still summer and I’m still rolling with that vibe! I know a lot of the fashion world is getting excited about the change of season, but I’m still very much in summer mode. Maybe because it went by way too quickly, or because it’s still a balmy 90 degrees in LA, but whatever the reason, won’t be breaking out Fall clothes any time soon.

In the spirit of endless summer, I partnered with Pretty Little Thing to create an end of summer haul! PLT is one of my favorite websites for stylish, affordable fashion. They have a huge assortment of product and new drops on a regular, so stay tuned to their site and Insta for the hottest new arrivals.

I pulled a few of my looks for my Palm Springs trip from the site, and they were all hits! I love the slip dresses and pretty much need them in every color. Denim shorts are a summer essential, and I found the perfect pairs for a low-key lived in vibe. Paired with vintage inspired graphic tees, you’ll be set for casual summer days!

Plus whatever you need by way of accessories, they’ve got you covered! I love my clear mini bag and the black pearl one is stylish and sophisticated. They also have a great assortment of jewelry, hair clips, scaves, and anything else you’d need to perfectly finish your look!

Check out my looks below and let me know your faves! And make sure you get in all the summer activities you can before it’s too late!

Palm Springs Travel Guide - Where to Eat, Sleep, and Have Fun!

Palm Springs Photo Shoot Locations

Part of my mission since moving to LA is to explore as much of Cali as possible. The state is full of gorgeous beaches, stunning deserts, and charming little towns that are begging to be explored. Palm Springs had been on my list for a while so I was pumped when we got to go for my friend’s bachelorette trip this past weekend. Palm Springs is just as cute as I expected so you really can’t go wrong with planning a trip here, but if you need some guidance check out my tips for where to stay, play, dine, and of course, take pics!

Palm Springs Travel Guide
Palm Springs Travel Tips
Instagram Spots in Palm Springs
Instagram Doors Palm Springs

Where to Stay in Palm Springs

If you are traveling with a group, the best thing to do is rent a house. Sites like AirBnB, Home Away and Avant Stay are a great resource for finding amazing houses. We stayed at a beautiful property with great amenities that was perfectly located, and comfortable for my group of 5. If it’s just 2 or 3 of you, check out hotels since they may end up being cheaper than a big house. The Saguro is super famous, and the Kimpton and Miravel are known for their luxe views and amenities. 

Best Restaurants in Palm Springs

We didn’t have a bad meal when in town! The city has everything from low-key taco spots to high end 5-star restaurants. Don’t miss Sugar Hill at Azucar, or Eight 4 Nine and make sure to load up on the many tequila-based cocktails that pop up on the menus. 

Things to do in Palm Springs

If you go in Summer like I did, the most important things you can do are wear sunscreen and stay cool and hydrated! The desert heat is no joke and the effects can be detrimental. Once you cover those basis, Palm Springs really is full of options. Spend the days pool partying and the nights wandering around downtown.  If you like views check out the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway or explore Joshua Tree National Park. Just don’t over schedule your days because you will appreciate having down time when you start feeling the effects of the heat. 

Instagrammable Photo Locations in Palm Springs 

You can’t leave Palm Springs without getting in some photos! The city is full of gorgeous spots to snap pics, but some of my favorites were outside the Hotel California, The Saguro Hotel, and on random streets and roads. Plus most of the restaurants are made to be grammed, so you will find plenty of photo ops as you dine and drink. I like to avoid trespassing and, so did not go to the famous Pink Door. There are plenty of open streets that have gorgeous views of the palm trees and mountains, so you really don’t need to disrespect people’s private property for a shot in front of a colorful door. 

 Check out this post for more about how I get great photos when I’m traveling. And shop the story below!

Palm Springs Travel
Instagram Spots Palm Springs

Don't Get Got! Common Instagram Scams and How to Avoid Them!

A few days ago a familiar meme started circulating on Instagram. It was full of pretty odd fake legalese telling users to post this message or a similar one to prevent Instagram from being able to publicly share their content. It went viral pretty quickly, with celebs and influencers posting it an encouraging their followers to do the same, before being debunked as a hoax within a few hours. Stuff like this pops up periodically, duping celebs and every day users, so I decided to do a quick post on how to recognize some common social media scams and how to keep yourself from falling for them!

social media scams to avoid

The Repost This to Save Your Rights Meme

Instagram Meme.JPG

As discussed above, this makes no sense. Posting a piece of content on an app does not suddenly make you exempt from the app's terms and conditions. It's an unfortunate reality that most people do not read the T&C of the apps and services they use. If an app changes their T&C they notify all users. If you read the update and decide you disagree with any terms, your only option is to cease use of that app. Continuing to use it means you agree to those policies, and posting some fake legal jargon does not make you exempt. If you are concerned about how apps are using your data, take a second to read the terms and conditions, do some research on any language that you find confusing and make an informed decision about whether or not you agree and want to keep using it.

The DM Us Let's Collab Comments

Social Media Collab Scams.JPG

On almost every single picture I post, I get a few comments from someone claiming to rep a company I've never heard of, telling me I'd be a great brand ambassador and should DM the main account and tell them so and so referred me! When I first started blogging and was looking for brand partnerships those comments were exciting! They seemed like a great potential opportunity to work with a new brand and build my business. However what inevitably ensues after you contact them is absolutely not legit! These companies typically launch into a long winded explanation of how they will give you a promo code for a discount on your purchase and after you post and share or generate a certain amount of sales you may get a bigger discount or free product. That is absolutely not how most influencers work, and if you need a refresher on negotiating brand deals, click here for my tips on making money as a blogger!

First of all, any legit brand or business that wants to work with you as an influencer will contact you directly, either through email or them dming you. And they will probably get in touch from the brand account or at least a PR agency, not a random individual. Don't worry too much about these guys though- they can be annoying but are usually not a flat out scam

The Mysterious Click Bait DMs

Suspicious DM on Instagram

Hacking has become a big problem on Insta. I have heard several stories from influencers who have been hacked, including 4 in the last month! But regular users are vulnerable to hacking as well. I got a DM from a photographer who I shot with last week, with a link to something he said he put together for me. Ordinarily I would have clicked it, but I had just heard my friends nightmare story of getting her account hacked so I was on high alert. It came from someone I knew so didn't want to look crazy, so I responded normally but didn’t click it. He wrote back a few hours later saying that his account had been compromised and to not click on any links from him. Luckily I didn’t click it! This is a tough one because friends send each other files and links all the time so you never know if it’s something you can trust or not. Use your judgement and immediately enable 2-Factor Authentification on your IG!

Let me know any other social media scams, tricks or other annoyances and how you deal with them!

Wedding Season Gifting Made Easy with Calphalon®

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Calphalon Bed Bath Beyond Review

How is wedding season treating you? I’ve had my bridesmaids shoes on for a few months helping one of my besties get ready for her big day. The wedding is in just a few short weeks, and our bachelorette trip is coming up this weekend. Plus a few other friends have announced their engagements so already getting ready for wedding season 2020! And not to mention I need to buckle down and get to planning my own! It’s been a total whirlwind but one I couldn’t be happier about. I’ve been thinking a lot about the perfect gift for my lucky friends and of course all the things I’ll be adding to my registry soon enough, and one thing that stands out most in my mind is a new set of quality cookware. I don’t know about you, but when I get into a nesting phase I want to spend so much more time at home with my partner cooking, playing with new recipes, and entertaining.

Calphalon® has been a leader in high quality cookware and the Calphalon® Premier™ Space Saving Cookware Set is the perfect gift! 
calphalon bed bath and beyond gift ideas
Hover over the image below to start shopping for your Calphalon® Premier™ Space Saving Cookware Set
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Wedding Season Gift Ideas

These stylish, elevated pots and pans are made for those that want quality cookware and to optimize their space. You can stack and nest the pots in any order, and if they have the same diameter you’ll save 30% more space ** than like non-stacking Calphalon® Cookware items when stacked with like diameter Premier™ Space Saving items. (**cookware must have same diameter). That’s totally essential for those in small apartments or couples moving in together.  

Space Saving Stackable Calphalon Pots

Plus the nonstick surface is safe for metal utensils and makes for easy food release and quick cleanup, and they are oven-safe up to 450 degrees F.

Wedding Gift Ideas at Bed Bath Beyond

Everyone needs durable, reliable and functional performance cookware right? If you are a bride to be working on your registry, definitely add the Calphalon® Premier™ Space Saving Cookware Set to that list! If you need an extra incentive, how does a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card sound? That’s right, from now until 12/31/19 you will get a $50 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card With your purchase of $299.99 worth of Calphalon® products (excludes kitchen electrics) from! Personally I’m eyeing their griddle and grill pans, but use it to add to or complete that cookware set of your dreams. And if you are shopping for a bride, you can give the pots as a gift the keep the gift card to get something for yourself (or put towards someone else’s gift because we know how wedding season gets)!

The gift cards are redeemable for the merchandise of your choice either online or in any Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, but you only get one gift card per person! Learn more here.

And stay tuned for my bachelorette adventure next weekend and all the details about my nuptials!

Engagement Shoot 101: How to Ace Your Engagement Photo Shoot

In case you missed the big reveal on Insta this week, I’M ENGAGED!

Engagement Proposal Photo Shoot Ideas
Engagement Photography Tips
Engagement Photo Shoot LA
LA Engagement Photo Shoot

It happened awhile ago, but we didn’t do any social media about it for the first few weeks. I’m still not going to go crazy posting about being engaged and planning a wedding, but of course will share some of the highlights. Especially when it comes to picking a dress! But for now I want to give you guys a few tips on one of my areas of expertise - photo shoots! Since I’ve been in fashion marketing in my day job and have been a blogger for years, I have a lot of experience planning them and being in front of the camera. Stay tuned for everything you need to know to nail your engagement session!

Engagement Shoot Photography Tips

Choosing the Right Photographer for The Engagement Photo Shoot

The first and most important decision you need to make is who is going to do the shoot! A lot of wedding photographers offer an engagement session as part of their package for wedding day coverage. If you are doing both your engagement shoot and wedding in the same city, and you already have a clear idea of the style you want for your wedding then a bundle is great! It will help you save money and ensure a consistent look and feel for your engagement and wedding photography.

SInce we live in LA but aren’t getting married here that wasn’t an option for us. We ended up using a photographer that I had previously worked with on blog content instead. I liked that it was someone I knew and already had a relationship with, however since she didn’t specialize in engagements, we ended up having some challenges. Initially I thought photographers may just overcharge for engagement photos because everything when it comes to weddings has elevated prices. But it really is a challenge shooting a couple and making sure there are plenty of images where both people look great. We actually had to redo our engagement shoot because the first round of photos really didn’t have that many shots that were flattering to us both! Second time was a charm and we were both way happier with the final content.

One of my friends who is getting married decided to just have one of the bridesmaids take the pics on her personal camera. It is definitely a feasible option, especially if you know someone who has a geat camera and you want to save money. Plus it makes it more fun and natural, just like you and your fiance hanging out with friends.

If you decide to go the pro route, I suggest working with someone that does have experience with engagements, weddings, or even family portraits. Anything that can show they are well versed in shooting groups of people, not just individuals. And allow yourself an hour to an hour and a half session, maybe even 2 hours if you are both new to being on camera!

What to Wear for Your Engagement Shoot

The second most important decision is what to wear for your engagement shoot! You and your fiance need to decide if you want a relaxed easy going vibe, or something more formal. We decided to go a little more dressy since that was reflective of both our styles and the tone we wanted to set for our wedding. Just make sure you will feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing and that the fit is flattering. While you don’t need to be matchy matchy (unless that is your preference) at least be sure your looks make sense together! You can’t be in a formal dress and him in shorts and t-shirt! Or if he wants to wear a suit instead of a casual look, then you need to step your game up so the images tell a consistent story. And if you are wearing heels definitely bring a pair of flats! You might find yourself walking around a bit looking for the perfect location, so you may want to have a pair of flats handy if you need to change shoes.

Start planning your looks a few weeks before the shoot, and give yourself time in case you run into shipping delays, fit issues or need to get things altered. And don’t forget to accessorize! I love the dresses I wore, but felt like the added accessories really brought the looks home. I also recommend keeping your makeup more classic. Now is not the time to try any crazy new trends!

Establish a Shot List and Share with Your Photographer

It’s pretty common to create a shot list for creative campaigns and weddings, so having one for your engagement shoot will only make things run smoother. This lets your photographer know every image you expect to be delivered so you won’t feel like things are missing at the end. Think about images that are important for you to have as memories, and also what you need from a practical standpoint. If you are doing a wedding website, check if there are recomended dimensions for the imagery and any other technical info the photographer would need. Since I don’t post my fiance on social media, I wanted to good selection of solo shots or ones where his face wasn’t visible. Think about what is important to you and use the below sample shot list for reference!

Engagement Shoot.png

Choosing a Location for Your Engagement Shoot

The location is the final factor, and just as important! Think about the kind of scenery you want and the story you want to tell. Maybe it’s a place that has significance for you as a couple, but it can also just be somewhere you think looks pretty and will work logistically speaking. We knew that we wanted something with an LA vibe, but not on the beach since we would be wearing formalwear. We originally tried to do Malibu for sunset, but the images didn’t work out. We ended up reshooting in Beverly Hills and the iconic palm tree scenery was just perfect. Wherever you decide to shoot, make sure you consider how traffic will be in the area and plan accordingly! I typically do most of my shoots early in the morning, when light is softer and streets are less crowded.

Also, have your photographer check any permit requirements that may be in place. A lot of places we thought about shooting required permits and threatened fines, and that is the last thing you want to deal with on an engagement shoot!

Hope these tips help! Pin this for future reference and if you want to see what I wore in our engagement shoot, shop the looks below!

All My Must Have Beauty Products for Fall 2019

Fall Beauty Inspiration
transitioning makeup summer to fall

New season, new makeup right?

As much as I love summer, I have to admit Fall makeup is my fave. I welcome the chance to get moodier and more dramatic with my looks. Plus I’ve become a major lipstck afficionado the past few years and Fall is the perfect time to embrace deep dark shades that make my favorite feature pop! I’m not sure how my Fall makeup looks will play out in LA, but am excited about playing with new trends and products. My instinct is that because of the weather here it will be much later in the season before I can really break out stuff like deep emerald eyeshadows and matte berry lips. But I’m excited to play with more transitional looks in the meantime! Here are some beauty trends I’ve noticed popping up for Fall, and how I plan to incorporate them into my makeup routine.

fall 2019 beauty trends

Naturally Flawless Foundation with a Radiant Finish

The days of heavy matte foundation are pretty much over! I am definitely guilty of layering it on and powdering heavily, even baking, to keep my beat in place. Since LA is much drier than NY I’m not as worried about my makeup melting away, and my skin is so much better behaved so I don’t need as much coverage. I’ve played with tinted moisturizers which are great for casual, no makeup makeup days, but I still like to look more polished on a daily. Luckily there are a slew of lighter weight liquid foundations on the market that are designed to look like your skin, just way better. Blend with a damp brush or sponge for a lighter, more sheer finish. And don’t forget your primer and concealer! My foundation routine really would not be complete without them.

Jewel Toned Eyeshadow Palettes & Liners

One thing I’ve been playing with is monochromatic eye looks. I love the look of pairing a bold colorful shadow look with a sweep of liner in a complimentary shade to really seal the deal. For summer I’ve been living for the Fenty Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trio, which pairs pretty perfectly with some of my favorite hues in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette. I’m not ure which liner I’ll be turning to for Fall, but I CANNOT wait to get my hands on the Jackie Aina x ABH Palette. Jackie has been one of my YouTube favorites for years and the colors in this palette are gorgeous. Plus with the consistent quality of ABH shadows, I know this will be an instant classic.

Lightly Stained Lips

I love my lipsticks and tend to go for bold color. But something about LA life makes me want to lighten it up. Not saying I’ll be sticking to nudes or glosses, but will be playing more with lipstains and tints. I like the idea of a hint of color instead of the full blast, but definitely keeping the nice deep berrys and bold reds that I love.

Let me know what beauty products and trends you guys are getting into for Fall, and shop my picks for each trend below!

Transition Time! Denim Under $100 That Will Go From Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall Denim Guide
How to Style Mom Jeans
Denim Guide for Summer to Fall Transitioning
Summer to Fall Transition Style

Can you believe how fast this summer is flying by!

August means there are just a few more weeks until Fall, so it’s time to start thinking of ways to transition your wardrobe. Since denim is a pretty universal wardrobe staple, that is the place to start. The right denim pieces will take you from the end of summer through mid-Fall with ease. I’m not at all ready to think about Fall trends, but denim is something you can always refresh. If you are looking to make a few basic updates on a budget, here are my picks for the denim wardobe updates you need to make, all under $100!

denim under 100 summer guide.png

Denim Skirts and Dresses Under $100

Skirts and dresses are a staple for me and can easily be styles for summer and Fall! I love the easy breezy a-line skirts and flowy dresses and they will look just as stylish with a tank as they will with booties and sweaters. Pinafore dresses are also super chic, and work well for Fall when layered with a sweater underneth or blazer on top.

Transitonal Jeans Under $100

My go- to silhouette these days is the mom jean. It’s comfy, fashionable and looks just as good with sneakers as it does with sexy heels! If you don’t have a pair in rotation, definitely add one to cart asap. I also love playing with printed jeans and fun silhouettes, like the dramatic flare leg ones from Free People below!

Denim Jackets Under $100

As the temps cool down you’ll need to make sure you can top of your look in style. A jean jacket is a classic finishing piece, but there are so many fun ways to spice them up. I love the stylish puff sleeve silhouette on this Revolve one, and the fun color of this lilac baby. If you are feeling adventurous, go for a fun festival inspired print. Or keep it classic with a simple blue number that will go with everything!

Remember Fall will be here way before you know it! What trends are you most excited about for the new season?

3 Travel Tips for Venice California!

Venice California Instagram Walls
Venice California Blogger Photography
Venica California Instagram Walls
Venice California Historic Canals

Summer is all about packing in the beach time! Living in DTLA means planning your weekends around soaking up the sun and I’ve been trying to explore all the different beaches in my new home in LA! One of my favorite beach town so far is Venice, CA. The vibe is so unique, and reminds me a little bit of good old Coney Island in NY! Here are a few tips for spending a perfect day in Venice.

Don’t Go Too Early

Mid-day to early afternoon is the sweet spot for Venice. The area can be a little sketchy in the morning due to the large homeless population, so go a little later in the day when more beach goers and tourists are out and about. Plus the boardwalk area is pretty dead in the morning and you don’t want to miss that! Afternoons are when you’ll see street vendors, performances, and the famous bodybuilders that hang out on Muscle Beach. For prime time sightseeing, I would say don’t arrive before noon. The beach is usually far less crowded then neighboring Santa Monica, so don’t worry about not being able to get a spot if you go later. I would also say plan to leave the area before dark! I’ve never stayed out past 730/8pm, but did get the feeling that nights can be a bit creepy.

Venice California Photo Shoot

Make Time to Explore Abbot Kinney and the Canals

When you are ready to get off the beach and boardwalk, make your way over to Abbot Kinney Blvd! The strip is full of cute, hip boutiques and is made for window shopping. I say window shopping because a lot of the stores are pretty pricey, so unless you feel like splurging, shop with your eyes not your wallet! A few blocks away are the Venice Canals, a historic residential district. The neighborhood and canals were created to give California taste of Italy. Most of the canals were filled in and turned into roads as the neighborhood expanded, save for the ones left in the historic district.

Venice California Instagram Walls

Enjoy the Restaurant Scene

Venice is full of casual cool-girl restaurants, from Blue Bottle Coffee to The Butcher’s Daughter. Gjelina is also a hot spot with a great vibe, but just be aware the menu is a bit particular and they don’t make any substitutions or modifications. As in they wouldn’t even give me the lamb burger with no bun!

Let me know what you think of Venice and any other favorite places in the LA area!

Venice California Travel Tips

6 Months Keto Update: Maintainance, Set-Backs, Progress and More!

Keto Update 3 Month Progress
3 Month Keto Update and Results
Surviving the Keto Diet

My 6 Month Keto-Versary is just around the corner! I’ve been meaning to update you guys on how the diet is working for me and managing it long-term for awhile, and 6 months is the perfect milestone! I can say for sure that I’m passed the point of thinking of keto as a fad diet and more now consider it a lifestyle. I’m no longer trying to lose weight, and am happy with my results. But overall I feel like the diet works amazingly for me, let’s me eat most of the types of foods I want, and allows me the flexibility to have long-term success. Here are a few things that have changed for me after staying on keto for 6 months!

I Adjusted My Macros

I use My Fitness Pal to track macros and when I first started my goal was 20-25 grams of carbs a day. That led to the quick weight loss I experienced in the first few weeks. Since my goal has shifted to keeping my weight stable, I increased my carb intake to around 30-35 grams on average. My carbs still mostly come from vegetables and berries, but I will occasionally have a glass of wine, or a few bites of a dessert that would normally be completely off limits. Which brings me to my next point . . .

I Cheat on Keto A Lot More

When I first started I was pretty hard core and dedicated to seeing results. Now that I no longer care about losing weight, I’m more liberal about having occasional cheats. Full on cheat days are still pretty rare, but I would guess I go over my carb goal on average once a week. I say guess because I don’t necessaily count macros on things I just have a few bites of, but I am guilty of picking at a few of my boyfriend’s fries or eating something saucy which is usually a no no because sauces tend to be high in sugar. I have also fallen off the wagon HARD a few times, indulging in carb-binges that I loved in the moment but regretted the next day. After maintaining a low-carb and basically no sugar diet for so long, overindulging can shock your body and leave you feeling sick, crampy, and withdrawn as you digest. I’m not saying the occasional bowl of pasta or plate of French toast isn’t worth it, but keep in mind how you will feel after!

I Stopped Weighing Myself

I haven’t set foot on a scale since April! Instead of worrying about my weight, I think more about inches I’m losing or gaining. My workouts have shifted to be almost exclusively strength focused, with special emphasis on core conditioning because I have ALWAYS wanted better abs. My workout mix typically includes a HIIT class, Ballet Barre, hot yoga and boxing or Krav Maga. I also started doing 10 minutes of ab work 4 to 5 times a week. I’ve been doing that regularly for about a month, following YouTube videos from Chloe Ting and MadFit and I love my results! I lost an inch on my waist after about 3 weeks of dedicated ab workouts, but gained back half an inch after a carb binge in San Diego last weekend! So yes, I learned that my progress can very quickly unravel and I may need to be more disciplined as I try to get more sculpted!

Intermittent Fasting Suddenly Got Really Hard

When I started keto I also regularly practiced Intermittent Fasting, usually eating between the hours of 12-8. I rarely got hungry before noon, and was sometimes easily able to go as late as 1:30 without even noticing. The only time I would eat past 8 is when socal obligations required me to, and usually when that happened I could easily start eating later in the day since I wouldn’t be hungry. But something happened after my move to LA! Maybe it was the sudden change in my normal schedule or adjusting to my new lifestyle, but for some reason keeping my fasting schedule has become such a challenge. I always think it’s more important to listen to your body than it is to follow arbitrary timing, so when my body tells me it’s time to eat I listen. However I have noticed that I start feeling ravenous around 10-10:30am, which is way earlier than I used to eat when I first started keto. I’m not sure what if any difference it’s making so I’m just keeping an eye on it and listening to my body.

I’m Taking More Supplements

When I first started, the only supplements I added to my routine was magnesium. I typically take a multi-vitamin, Omega 3, Collagen and Biotin anyway, so magnesium was just to make sure my electrolytes stayed balanced. However because of my increased carb intake and more frequent cheating, I figure adding in more keto focused supplements could help me stay on track. They can be expensive, so I will let you know if they are worth it in my next update, because right now it’s too early to say. But when I first started the keto diet I didn’t take any of the most commonly used supplements, like MCT Oil and ketone bases. My results were great, but your body does plateau, so I’m switching things up a bit to make sure it keeps working for me!

I Still Don’t Like Keto Desserts

I’ve found a few keto recipes that work for me, like zucchini lasagna, almond flour pancakes and cauliflower rice stir fry. However the dessert recipes are always disappointing! The textures and taste are just never good enough to really be satisfying. When I’m craving sweets, I’m more likely to just eat a bowl of berries and cream or a piece of Lily’s Chocolate. That usually comes in around 7 to 10 grams of carbs and is way more worth it than a cardboardy keto cupcake with 4 grams of carbs!

Let me know any burning questions about keto in the comments or on Instagram! And shop my look and some of my keto faves below!

keto diet 6 month results & FAQ's.png
Keto Diet Long Term Tips

LA Art Scene: All the Summer Exhibits You Can't Miss

Urban Lights at LACMA Museum Los Angeles
LA Art Museums
Urban Lights LACMA
LACMA Museum Los Angeles

Exploring art museums and galleries is one of my favorite ways to pass time. NYC is full of options, but since I moved to LA I needed to spend sometime getting to explore the art scene here. At first I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible, but since the weather has suddenly gotten crazy hot it’s time for more fun in the AC. Here are a few of the exhibits on my list to check out this summer, everywhere from Santa Monica to DTLA!

Soul of a Nation at the Broad

This exhibit will be on view until September and explores contributions of Black artists from the civil rights movement through the 80’s. LA based artists will also be specifically highlighted for their often overlooked role in the art and history of the civil rights movement. Get tickets here!

40 for LA at MOCA

MOCA, LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating their 40 year anniversary with a multimedia exhibition features archives from the museum’s vault, including rare photographs and lithographs, limited-edition objects and a special homage to all of the artists to whom the museum is indebted. This is your chance to understand some of the key elements that defined the museum and made it what it is today. Tickets and visiting information here!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game at The Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum is unique with it’s focus on the cultural impact of music throughout generations. Take Me Out to the Ball Game highlights how the rise of baseball and baseball music ushered in a new era of American music in the early 1900s and the eventual impact it had on modern, popular music genres from pop to R&B. And while you are there, don’t miss the Backstreet Boys experience if you want to relive some of your favorite 90’s jams. Visitor’s info here!

The Liberator at California African-American Museum

The Liberator was an early 20th-century newspaper that documented the emerging African American population in Los Angeles. Founded in 1900 by Jefferson Lewis Edmonds, a former slave who advocated for improved social and economic conditions for African-Americans the publication reported on local, national, and international news and portrayed Los Angeles as a city of hope for African Americans and an escape from the violence and hardship they experienced in the South. This exhibit sheds light on paper’s contributions to city’s rapidly increasing black population and its challenges in a post-Reconstruction era. Details here!

Anything at LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) isn’t just a hot spot for Instagram pics! It’s the largest art museum in the western United States and has a whole host of unique seasonal exhibitions and an impressive core collection. Considering it’s size, give yourself plenty of time to try to take it all in.

Fearless Fashion at the Skirbal Center

Obviously this fashionista wouldn’t miss an exhibit dedicated to style! Fearless Fashion explores the visionary and progressive ensembles by LA based designer Rudi Gernreich. Rudi introduced the monokini, thongs, unisex caftans, pantsuits for women that transcended rigid social expectations and championed authenticity above all. Check out the retrospective on his work through September 1st.

Contact High at the Annenberg Space for Photography

If you are a hip-hop head, don’t miss this one! This exhibit chronicles the work of hip-hop photographers that played a role in bringing the music genre’s visual culture to the global stage. Get an intimate look at contact sheets from portrait sessions with hip-hop legends like Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar. Rare videos, memorabilia, and music are also on display.

LA Can't Miss Art Exhibits

Let me know which ones you check out and what you think!

Entertaining Made Easy with Basic Invite

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite. All opinions are my own

Basic Invite Custom Invitations

There is still something so special about a printed card or invitation. It’s rare that I get one (or send one to be honest), but it still stands out when one arrives in the mail. It’s nice to get something beautiful and special just for you, amidst the weekly pile of bills and coupons you never asked for right? I’ve been thinking about planning more parties and stepping up my entertaining game since I moved to a new apartment and one surefire way to make your party invite stand out is to print them beautifully and send them out old school style. Obviously the cost for that can add up, and be a logistical nightmare to handle. But in researching companies, Basic Invite stood out for having a ton of stylish options, affordable pricing, and ease of use! Here are just a few reasons why they are the perfect vendor if you are looking for a printing service!

Custom Invitations Basic Invite

Almost Unlimited Colors and Instant Previews

Most websites are pretty restricted in the colors they offer, or the ability to generate an instant preview. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Just select a design and play with over 180 different color options! And it doesn’t stop there. They also have over 40 Different Colors of envelopes and a nice assortment of envelope liners to make your invitations really pop. Plus all of our envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed.

Summer Party Invitations

 Easy Customization and No Guess Work

 Most websites let you order a generic sample if you want to check out print quality or paper. But Basic Invite takes it up a notch, letting you order a custom printed sample with your text! Samples are around $10 depending on the colors and whether or not you print in foil, but they are worth it. The service is perfect if you are planning a wedding, sending holiday cards for business or any very important event that requires perfection with your printing.

Invitation Options from Basic Invite

Address Capturing Service 

Basic Invite makes getting address a breeze! They offer an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses. These address are then stored in your account and can then be selected during the design process. And there is no extra cost for recipient address printing on all card orders!


If you are shopping for a vendor for printing anything from personalized holiday cards to wedding save the dates check out Basic Invite! Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Even though Christmas seems far away, it’s actually only 6 months out! Since July is becoming an unofficial shopping season, why not checkout some  online Christmas cards to get ahead of the season? You’ll thank me later when you are already set before the season goes into high gear!

The Amazon Prime Day Beauty and Fashion Deals You Can't Miss!

TFW you can shop and save without leaving your bed!

TFW you can shop and save without leaving your bed!

Getting the Most From Online Shopping

It’s Black Friday in July! This week both the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Amazon Prime Day kick off. I’m not covering the Nordstrom sale this year, so decided to scour the internet for the best Prime Day deals so you don’t have to! I’ve been shopping Amazon a lot more since I moved and the assortment has gotten so good, especially in fashion and beauty. If you are planning to shop Prime Day sales, here are a few of my favorite items I’ve noticed on site.

Remember, deals are only available to Prime members, but you can sign up for a 30 day trial if you just want to shop the sale. Amazon Prime Day runs from 12 a.m. PST on Monday, July 15, through 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, July 16 and the best items will go fast so be ready!

Amazon Prime Day Fashion and Beauty Guide

Amazon Prime Day Luxury Beauty Deals

The first place to start your Prime Day shopping should definitely be the Luxury Beauty page! There will be sales on coveted beauty products, like Tatcha’s Gente Rice Enzyme Powder, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Serum, Clarisonic face brushes and Stila color cosmetics. Plus Lady Gaga’s new beauty line Haus Laboratories will be available for preorder!

If you’ve been in the market for some hair tools, there will be plenty to choose from as well. Have you seen Insta or YouTube tutorials of those weird hair curlers where a piece of hair is inserted and comes out perfectly curled? One of those is the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Curl Secret and will be on sale! And there are a few straightening brushes at 30-45% off, plus plenty of traditional flat irons and curlers as well. Shop my picks below!

Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals

This category is pretty big, so if there is something on your list or trend you’ve been wanting to rock, get ready to search! I can tell you that I found discounts on the Fila Women's Disruptor II, my favorite dad sneakers that I’ve been wearing all summer. Reebok and Puma also have kicks going for 40% off , and there are gorgeous booties from Schutz that will be perfect for Fall.

The already affordable Amazon Essentials line will also be discounted, so you can stock up on basics like tees, tanks and bralettes for summer.

Other Amazon Prime Day Savings

If you don’t feel like spending right now, you can still take advantage of Prime Day sales. If you download and sign in to the Amazon app for the first time, you'll get a $10 Amazon credit and an additional one when you make a purchase on the app. If you have an Amazon Gift card laying around, reload it for the chance to get a bonus credit. AmazonFresh is also offering $15 off orders of $35+ for new customers and you can save up to 40% off groceries.

Also a lot of other retailers tend to drop their prices or have additional discounts around Prime Day to compete with Amazon, so stay tuned to some of your favorite sites to catch any last minute savings.

Let me know what sales you are most psyched about! And remember you can always shop my Amazon faves here!

LA Life Update! 4 Things I Learned Since I Moved

Tips for Living in LA
The best of los angeles beaches
tips for new yorkers in los angeles
sunset photo shoot santa monica

It’s been about 2 months since I moved to LA and so far I love my new city. The weather has been amazing - cool in the mornings then comfortably hot by afternoon with none of the gross NY humidity. People here are way more relaxed than I’m used to and the scenery is just so pretty! As an NYC transplant there has been an adjustment period and a few things I’ve had to learn and get used to. Here is a snapshot about how I’ve adjusted what I’m still working on!

Tips for New Yorkers in LA

Public Transportation in LA is Way Better than Expected

Driving is not my strong suit, as in I can barely do it. I was dreading having to drive in LA, especially on the freeways! I’ve been living in LA for 2 months getting around through a combo of the Metro and Lyft and it’s been perfect. Since I’m in downtown LA there are lots of buses than connect my neighborhood to most other parts of the city and they run timely and efficiently. I usually do buses by day and Lyft by night or if I’m rushing and I don’t wish I had a car AT ALL.

The Weather in LA is Hit or Miss

I moved here fully expecting beach days and temps in the high 80’s every day! However, when I visited in Feb and again in April, it rained damn near every day. And May and June were pretty much grey and cloudy every day for most of the day! I had never heard of the May Grey or June Gloom until I lived in it! Sometimes the clouds would break by late afternoon, but for the most part the weather was pretty disappointing.

The Food is Awesome - And Not all Health Conscious

I expected the foodie scene here to be way healthier, and it is for sure! But things are way more balanced than expected. I’m still on keto and ordering out is a dream. There are always plenty of low carb options or subtitutes available. Plus there is a plethora of options on the more decadent side. Living in LA really is a foodie haven, from the abundance of fresh, organic produce and restaurants that strike the balance between healthy and yummy. Do yourself a favor and do plenty of dining out when in town! I’ve been relying on Infatuation’s guides for restaurant suggestions, so check out reviews on their site if you are planning a trip.

I also noticed that if you walk into a trendy hotspot style restaurant without a reservation, the wait is usually just 15 to 20. In NY it’s not uncommon to hear 45 minutes to an hour! Makes things way more convenient if you are winging it one night.

People Are a Little Bit Flakier

Ok the stereotype is true! I was warned that LA people can be pretty flaky, much more so than New Yorkers. I think the main cause is the insane traffic. There have been a few times people changed plans last minute based on traffic, which I have heard is horrendous. As I said earlier, I don’t drive so am less affected, but considering how bad it can get, I kind of understand.

Have you guys visited LA, are a local, or thinking about moving? Let me know your thoughts about life or travel here and any tips for someone who is new in town!

4 Things to Know About Living in LA