How to Shop Like a Street Style Star

Photo by Priscilla Reyes

Photo by Priscilla Reyes

You’ve probably wondered how your favorite fashion bloggers always look so stylish. The answer very well could be a generous bank account and several brand partnerships. But a lot of the fashion and street style bloggers I know rely on secret weapon websites that are even cheaper than fast fashion chains like Zara and H&M. It may be scary ordering from a foreign website with an almost impossible return policy, but I’ve recently started exploring these sites and consulted with some of my blogger friends on their shopping tips. Here’s how to navigate some of the best new fast fashion sites and not hate everything you end up with. If you’ve never heard of Romwe, Shein, or Choies, get ready to add these babies to your bookmarks.

The  Romwe  coat I fell for, shot by Priscilla Reyes

The Romwe coat I fell for, shot by Priscilla Reyes

Get Social

Start by browsing the website and picking out your favorite pieces, like you would for any other retailer. But before you check-out, browse their Instagram, their hashtags, and tagged pictures to see how people style their merch. You can get a great idea of how the end product will look on a few different people to decide if it’s for you.

Choies  Red Off the Shoulder Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Choies Red Off the Shoulder Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Do Some Research

In addition to insta-stalking, Google the product name or description to see if you can find some reviews or comments from other sites or blogs. You may end up finding a detailed description of fit, color, shipping, and any other info you may need to make your final decision. I saw this red dress on several bloggers with different body types before I finally caved and bought it, and luckily it looked perfect on me! 

Choies  Black Asymmetrical Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Choies Black Asymmetrical Dress, shot by Eddie Woods

Assume You Won’t Return It

You may be used to the free returns and very generous return policies most retailers offer.  A lot of these sites do allow returns, but when you read the fine print, the terms make a return or exchange costly and difficult. We’re talking you are on the hook for return shipping to China and restocking fees. If you end up with an item that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expected, you’d be better off trading it at a local consignment shop, selling it online, or giving it to a friend who may like it. Just keep that in mind when you are placing your orders! When I ordered this black dress I was worried about it showing too much cleavage and I hated the included black patent belt, but I found a way to style it that I love. 

The sweater  Romwe  called a dress

The sweater Romwe called a dress

Choose Carefully

Since you will more or less be stuck with whatever you purchase, shop carefully and attentively! Pay attention to the sizing and measurements, care instructions and fabric content. You won’t be able to buy multiple sizes or colors then decide to keep some and return the rest. So go in with a clear head and few distractions so you can really choose items that you will love. I’ve ordered from Romwe and Choices several times and have only been disappointed once, by a knit “dress” that was marked one size and barely covered my butt. It makes for a cute sweater with jeans though! Happy shopping! 


This post was originally written by me for Party Mean