NYFW Outfit Guide - 5 Looks to Slay The Street Style Game

The best part of fashion week is obviously the fashion! Not just taking it in as new looks make their way down the runway and seasonal trends are born. I love seeing the streets of NY turn into a runway, with fashionistas turning up in their most eye-catching looks, and of course getting to show off your most fun looks as well! I had a blast putting together looks for this week, collaborating with Another Man’s Treasure vintage store and Nineteenth Amendement. Check out some of my favorite looks from the week! Since some of my items are vintage and or not widely available, I included links to similar pieces so you can get the look!

NYFW Lookbook: Outfit 1

Street Style New York Fashion Week
Fashion Week Street Style Inspiration

Emerald green is a can’t miss color and since your coat is the first thing anyone sees this time of year, I needed to make it a good one. I gave the playful wrap coat some shape by adding a chunky belt in contrasting gold and burgundy, and added these youthful black tights with a subtle cheetah print. You can’t see the full outfit, but I’m wearing a leather mini skirt and black cashmere sweater – simple, easy, but with just a bit of edge. 

NYFW Lookbook: Outfit 2

New York Fashion Week Street Style
New York Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

For this look, I was channeling a 70’s diva, complete with massive curls, a fluffy sweater, cream leather lace-up pants and a full length suede coat with huge fur collar. Everything is so extra, but because it’s in a monochromatic color palette, it works! Plus I’m super happy to be fitting into these pants again!  They are really old Nasty Gal, but I linked another amazing pair below!

NYFW Lookbook: Outfit 3

Fashion Week Style Guide
New York Fashion Week Trends

I was feeling romantic and edgy for this look. This dress is from Nineteenth Amendment Designer Leetal Platt. It’s got some edgy, sexy, metallic strappy details but a floaty, soft chiffon skirt. The contrast was my favorite thing about it. I played up the pattern on the skirt by topping it with a leopard print car coat. It took the look up just enough to be street style worthy! 

NYFW Lookbook: Outfit 4


Tiger print is starting to trend, so when I saw this vintage fur jacket at AMT I had to grab it. It’s a classic fit but the print makes it fresh and eye-catching. I intended to keep the look simple, with just a forest green knit dress and nude booties but got this really fun furry swag bag after the Son Jung Wan show so walked out with it! I never thought I would love a fur bag so much! I think this one was specially made for show.

NYFW Lookbook: Outfit 5

Pink Furry Coat NYFW.jpeg
Pink Statement Coat Fashion Week.jpeg

I ended the week with a giant pink bang in this oversized Bianca Zidik coat from Nineteenth Amendment. It’s bright pink, metallic, and a shaggy fur that is impossible to miss! I loved the feeling of strolling down the street in this baby and having heads literally turn! Plus it got lots of attention from paparazzi, so win win!


Let me know which look is your fave and what runway trends you are most excited about! And follow me on Instagram to catch up on all my fashion week fun in real time! 

NYFW Street Style Tips

Fashion Week Essentials – What’s In My Bag and How I Power Through

Street Style Fashion Week

Fashion week is here again! I’ve been so lucky to be a part of it for several years, as an industry professional and as a blogger! It really is an adrenaline rush of run, energy, excitement, and inspiration! Although it’s not without drawbacks – being exhausted, feeling the constant sense of FOMO if you have multiple shows and events at the same time and physically can’t make them all, plus trying to look glam when you just feel like a haggard mess. Not to mention in February the weather tends to suck, dashing all of your #streetstyle hopes and dreams. If it is one of your first seasons attending Fashion Week, congratulations! You are in for a treat. Here are the essentials I keep with me all week, and how I sneak in moments of self-care to keep myself sane.

NYFW Street Style
Fashion Week Outfit Inspiration
Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

What’s in My Bag for Fashion Week

On a daily basis I can seriously look like a bag lady, but when it’s time for shows I try to whittle it down so it can all fit into a chic clutch. I always have my unlimited Metrocard because I’m a New Yorker, a portable charger because a dead phone is absolutely not an option, and beauty essentials like lipstick, a mini perfume for touch-ups, blotting papers, and false eyelash glue. I also keep my 2 favorite credit cards and my Soho House membership card with me since it’s a great place to relax between shows. And healthy snacks like power bars, trail mix, or jerky to get you through. 

Because I am a gym rat and am fully committed to my fitness journey as you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I may also carry a second tote with gym gear in it! Depending on your schedule and how many shows you go to, you may have a 2 or 3 hour gap between events. That’s not enough time to run back home but just enough time to be annoyed at having nothing to do. If I know I have a day like that I will head into the city with my gym bag and drop it off at a New York Sports Club location near the shows. If I have downtime in the afternoon I can squeeze in a workout and freshen up before the next event, instead of wandering aimlessly. And when I’m done for the day and heading home I make a pit stop back at the gym to grab the back I left in the lockers, so I don’t have to lug it around all day.. If you are not in #beastmode like me, a better alternative is to just find a bar and day drink. 


How I Stay Productive During Fashion Week

As I mentioned before, fitness is one way I take care of myself, so getting it in is a priority. I work out 4-5x a week so at least one or 2 of those sessions need to be squeezed in around fashion week. You also always have to be on top of editing and posting content, last minute RSVPs that may roll in, and sponsored deals that may have deadlines or be in the works. I know I have blog posts due write after NYFW and I’m not about pulling all nighters! In between shows or while I’m waiting for them to start, or even when I’m in the subway or in a Lyft, I’m managing email or editing or drafting content on my phone. I use Evernote to draft blog copy, Snapseed, A Color Story, and Facetune for photo editing, and Unfold to curate my stories. Even if you only have 15 minutes of downtime between shows, you can crank through something on your to do list


Making Time for Friends During NYFW

The best part of fashion week is hanging with your glamourous friends! Me and the blogger babes typically share our schedules so we can plan to meet up. Having someone you know to sit with at a show is the best and taking fun group shots outside the shows is the icing on the cake. If you don’t have a lot of blogger or industry friends, a network like Exclusively Social is an amazing resource to find your #GirlGang! They have fun events and photo shoots, plus a world of resources on being an influencer. It’s members only so try to get on the list! 

Let me know how your week goes! And stay tuned to my Instagram to catch all the fun!

Surviving Fashion Week
Fashion Week Guide

The Perfect NYFW Look Featuring Upbra

Images by Nigil Crawford

Images by Nigil Crawford

This post is sponsored by Upbra. All opinions are my own.

I love any excuse to turn up the sparkle! NYFW is the perfect time of year to stand out and wear looks that will keep all eyes on you. I was debating what to wear to Saturday’s Badgley Mishka show, and since they are known for bringing the glam I decided it was the perfect occasion for bling!

sequined tuxedo jacket nyfw

This sequined Zara jacket is a favorite of mine. The blush color is soft and romantic and the iridescent sequins are just gorgeous. I paired it with my billowy wide-leg satin trousers and a bandage crop top that you would swear is Herve Leger but is from H&M when I was in Paris!

The finishing touch for this look was my major cleavage, courtesy of Upbra!

Upbra Sculpting Bra

I’ve featured them on the blog before and I just can’t get enough of this bra! It lifts like no other but is still amazingly comfortable.

The bra features cleavage control straps that are the core of the Upbra ActiveLift® technology. After the bra is on, just pull the straps and rehook them in place!

That shifts your breasts upwards and center to maximize the cleavage. The farther away the loops are from the center, the greater your cleavage. For this look I had them pulled in a bit, but not even as far as they go! Even with pulling the straps to maximize cleavage, you don’t have to worry about compromising your comfort.

If you haven’t tried Upbra yet, head over to their site ASAP! Let me know how you would style this amazing bra!

the ultimate push up bra

5 Tips to Survive NYFW!

Images by  AV Photography

Images by AV Photography

And another season of Fashion Week is here! The energy in the city is always great this time of year, even though it can get a little stressful. If you love fashion as much as I do, you try your best to go to as many events as possible, jam-packing your days and spending your nights party-hopping and working on keeping your posts up to dates. Here are 5 tips you need to survive and slay the week! 

1. Get Organized

Organization is key to make it through the crazy week! It can get super stressful and overwhelming, but you can make it through with proper planning. Keep your calendar up to date and screenshot your bar codes for easy check-in. Searching through emails for confirmations and addresses can take forever so just make sure to keep everything organized as your invites roll in. Give your daily agenda the once-over as you get ready in the morning so you know what to dress for and how your day will run. 

NYFW Street Style Outfit Ideas

2. Plan street star worthy looks

Part of the fun of NYFW is getting shot by the throngs of photographers hanging out outside of shows. While "peacocking" has gotten a bad reputation, fashion week is still a great time of year to show of your personal style and add a touch of flair. Whether or not you end up in a street style roundup, you can still enjoy dressing to the 9's and letting your fashion girl star shine. 

Fashion Week Outfit Ideas Street Style

3. Get ready to stalk

Not gonna lie, getting invites can be tricky, especially if you aren't on any PR lists. The struggle to get a foot in the door is real! However as fashion week has become a little more democratic in recent years, you can definitely have luck getting into shows from smaller designers. Sign up on the official site for the full schedule and contacts to request invites and start shooting off emails. The major players won't really be listed here, but you can definitely be persistent and try your luck at getting into smaller shows. 

How to Get Into Fashion Week

4. Try to get a backstage pass

If you have a connect in the beauty world see if you can get backstage access. You'll get plenty of amazing content, plus often times you can grab standing room to watch the show once it starts. I covered backstage once and it was more fun than the actual runway show! 

Tips to get into nyfw

5. Get in on the fun with open to the public events

If you can't get on any coveted invite lists, no need to miss out on the fashion week fun. There are hundreds of open to the public events every season! Search on event listing sites and check out Fashionista.com's roundup every season. That way you can actually sign up with your crew and catch a show or event together, since you NEVER get plus 1's at a main event. 

Let me know any survival tips I missed in the comments! And if you are out and about, let me know where we can bump into each other! 

NYFW Highlights: The Sisters & Suitcases MKKM Experience


Last night I had the pleasure of covering yet another amazing NYFW show. The MKKM experience presented a collaborative show, celebrating designers Mychael Knight and Korto Momolu and their highly-anticipated Spring/Summer collections. Korto Momolu’s collection was a whimsical walk through gardens of fantasy florals, soft blissful colors and touches of shimmer. And Mychael Knight’s collection showed off his love for American women’s sportswear with a grown and sexy take on the athleisure trend we can’t get enough of.

The VIP experience was presented by Sisters and Suitcases, a boutique travel company that designs travel experiences for black women. I sat down with founder and Chief Experience Designer Tamaya Walker McClendon to discuss her company and the inspiration behind the NYFW experience. 

I have known Korto Momolu for years and have always loved her work. I knew her from our days teaching Sunday School, and when I got engaged she was the only person I wanted to design my wedding dress. It was the perfect fit because my husband is the one who introduced me to her brand! So when I was designing a short, domestic experience for Sisters and Suitcases, one of the ideas that came to mind was a fashion week experience during NYFW. Korto’s show was perfectly aligned with the mission of Sisters and Suitcases. She has an authentic connection to her influences of travel and fashion and puts a lot of her cultural influences from her country Liberia into her clothes. I was so pleased to partner with her for this year’s 1 day VIP Experience, and next year the plan is a full three day experience that includes Korto Momolu show for New York Fashion Week.
— Tamaya Walker McClendon

The attendees had a blast with an exclusive pre show meet and greet, dinner and photo opps, before taking their front row seats. And check out some of the amazing looks presented by Korto and Michael! 

One participant on the NYFW experience says: 

I heard about Sisters and Suitcases from a friend and she invited me to New York to attend. I am having a blast, this has been a once in a lifetime experience! I see great things for Sisters and Suitcases!
— Jacquita

If you want to get in on the fun, bond building, memory making experiences Sisters and Suitcases provides, check out their upcoming trip to Italy!

Kicking off NYFW with Texture on the Runway!

NYFW kicked off with a bang! 

My first show of the season was Texture on the Runway, hosted by NaturallyCurly.com and Sally Beauty. This show made hair the star, and the clothes were just there to finish the look. 

Each of the participating brands had a segment, showing off inventive and inspiring hair styles created using their product lines. The details and creativity of their work as like nothing I’ve seen before! After the models worked the runway, we were given some styling secrets from the glam squad responsible for each look.  Check out some of my favorite moments from the show:

But the best part wasn't the amazing style and beauty. It was the hefty, stuffed to the brim gift bag! 


Weighing a nearly a whopping 10 pounds, it was loaded with full-size products from all the participating brands, including Ardell, Cantu, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter, Aphogee and Mielle.

I can't wait to incorporate some of these into my natural hair journey, and I am newly inspired to start playing with my natural tresses in the near future. Even though the season is just starting, I can tell this one will be a hard one to top. After all, nothing beats the sense of community that comes with celebrating culture and natural beauty. 

What shows and events are you most excited about this season? Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat so you don’t miss a thing!


5 NYFW Events You Can Actually Get Into

Images by  Olivia Kang

Images by Olivia Kang

Another season of NYFW is getting ready to kick off! I've always loved the energy of fashion week, and the huge concentration of creativity and style. Even before I started blogging, I was usually able to attend a few shows thanks to work or snagging invites from my friends in PR or editorial. This is the first season I'm getting invites in my own name and I can't even tell you how good that feels!

If you are still hustling to get your name on lists, or trying to find creative ways to slip past the iPad wielding fashion show gatekeepers, stay positive and persistent! And keep yourself busy with some of the many NYFW associated events that are open to the public. 

Here's my roundup of a few of my favorite options!

The Future of Fashion NYFW Even.jpg

The Future of Fashion, presented by ShopDrop and Tabu

This event promises cutting edge tech, emerging designers, swag bags & free drinks, plus a raffle for a $12,000 Beyonce dress designed by Inbal Dror! You won't want to miss this one, so get your tix here! 

Style Fashion Week SS18.jpg

Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week presents interesting shows by emerging designers, performances by innovative artists and unique art installations.  This season's tagline is Fashion + Art + Music + Commerce so should be an event to remember. The full line-up and tickets are available here.

couture fashion week.JPG

Couture Fashion Week

Get ready to feast your eyes! Couture Fashion Week presents 3 days of couture and luxury fashion shows that will have you drooling.  Several designers from around the world will present exquisite garments and accessories that will probably never make it into your wardrobe, but will inspire nonetheless. Register here

Art Hearts Fashion.jpg

Art Hearts Fashion

This show was one of my favorites last season! Art Hearts Fashion is a space pushing for fashion to be more inclusive. The lineup is always a fun, fierce and inspirational one, and the space is simply stunning. 

Harlem Fashion Week

Escape the crowds around most of the NYFW venues and head uptown to Harlem for a unique fashion experience. Plus proceeds go to the Junior Scholars Program at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. Check out details here


Happy Fashion Week babes! Comment below where you will be and maybe we'll bump into each other! 

The Beauty Look You’ll be Dying to Wear This Fall

Backstage New York Fashion Week Beauty Secrets

Let’s be honest. The hair and makeup at New York Fashion Week is just as exciting as the runway looks! My head is overflowing with all the inspiring looks I’ve seen presented this season, not to mention the tips and tricks I picked up hanging out with the beauty team backstage. Get the scoop on the look super sexy but still every day friendly look at Irina Vitjaz.

Backstage Beauty Makeup Application
Makeup Backstage

Irina presented a stunning collection of couture gowns in classic and bold hues with intricate materials and embellishments. To go with the elegant, romantic clothing, makeup artist Tawni Michelle designed a sophisticated, yet playful take on a smoky eye and matte lip. Watch her breakdown the method!

This look is definitely inspiring me to play with layering my assortment of neutral eyeshadows and lipsticks to see what I can come up with. Now if only I could get my hands on one of these gowns!

Irina Vitjaz NYFW Look
Irina Vitjaz NYFW Look
Irina Vitjaz NYFW Look

NYFW Style Diary: Look 1

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

It's that time of year again! New York Fashion Week kicked off on Thursday and so far the days have been long and a nice mix of exhaustion and excitement. I've been in fashion for so long, but this honestly never gets old. I love the energy and chaos, the crowds of fashionable people all converging on a few venues in the city, and the chance to preview the trends you'll see everywhere next season. 

So far the week has been interesting to say the least. I've hit up a few presentations by independent designers and have a jam-packed schedule for the rest of the week. The hardest part of NYFW, other than maintaining your stamina, is figuring out what to wear for each event! I try to mix in a few standout pieces and pop colors, but comfort is the priority when you are legit running in between shows. Plus the February weather adds the even more challenging layer of looking stylish but staying warm. 

Clarkson Square NYFW

I got this bomber in Zara's massive end of season sale. Red is one of my favorite colors, and varsity styles are super trendy this season. It's not as warm as my beloved Canada Goose or long wool coat, but it does the job as long as I'm not standing around outside for too long. 

Plus this neoprene dress from Nasty Gal has a nice amount of weight to it so that helps make this look a little cold weather friendly. It's super figure flattering and the modern silhouette and detailing make it a conversation starter And these Italian cashmere tights from Calzedonia will keep my legs warm and toasty, even in this mini dress. Calzedonia still does not sell or ship here, but I bought a ton of tights back from my trip to Rome in November. 

I started to wear plain black knit booties, but since it's fashion week, decided to be a little extra. These chunky suede booties are a sexy silhouette but comfortable enough to walk around in all day, and the metallic silver star embellishments are the perfect finishing touch. 

Patchwork Varsity Bomber Close Up Details

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Snapchat to see what shows and events I'll be going to! I'l also be guest blogging on a few other sites and will let you know where to find my posts!

Happy Fashion Week! 

NYFW Edit: Look 3

Fashion week is almost over. It's been equal parts amazing and exhausting, and I'm absolutely living for some of the trends I've seen popping up all over the runways. For one of my last days around Skylight Clarkson Square, I decided to layer this amazing, slinky black knit dress with a drapey grey sleeveless jacket. Can you believe I actually found this gorgeous jacket at Mandee on a random pop in to the mall last week? I almost fell over when I saw it on display. The fabric is obviously synthetic, but it looks and feels like a lightweight wool, and the proportions perfectly hit the volume trend that is so hot for Fall. 

Photos by Austin Donohue

NYFW Edit: Look 2

This week has been a marathon so far! Between the shows, events and parties it's been equal parts amazing and exhausting. For today's look for Erin Fetherston and Jenny Packham, I paired this vintage sequined shift dress with one of my favorite pieces - the Marine's uniform jacket I nabbed at a flea market in Bologna, Italy. I love that this jacket is authentic right down to the patches and aggressive shoulders. 

Pics by the fabulous Mich Cardin