NYFW Highlights: The Sisters & Suitcases MKKM Experience


Last night I had the pleasure of covering yet another amazing NYFW show. The MKKM experience presented a collaborative show, celebrating designers Mychael Knight and Korto Momolu and their highly-anticipated Spring/Summer collections. Korto Momolu’s collection was a whimsical walk through gardens of fantasy florals, soft blissful colors and touches of shimmer. And Mychael Knight’s collection showed off his love for American women’s sportswear with a grown and sexy take on the athleisure trend we can’t get enough of.

The VIP experience was presented by Sisters and Suitcases, a boutique travel company that designs travel experiences for black women. I sat down with founder and Chief Experience Designer Tamaya Walker McClendon to discuss her company and the inspiration behind the NYFW experience. 

I have known Korto Momolu for years and have always loved her work. I knew her from our days teaching Sunday School, and when I got engaged she was the only person I wanted to design my wedding dress. It was the perfect fit because my husband is the one who introduced me to her brand! So when I was designing a short, domestic experience for Sisters and Suitcases, one of the ideas that came to mind was a fashion week experience during NYFW. Korto’s show was perfectly aligned with the mission of Sisters and Suitcases. She has an authentic connection to her influences of travel and fashion and puts a lot of her cultural influences from her country Liberia into her clothes. I was so pleased to partner with her for this year’s 1 day VIP Experience, and next year the plan is a full three day experience that includes Korto Momolu show for New York Fashion Week.
— Tamaya Walker McClendon

The attendees had a blast with an exclusive pre show meet and greet, dinner and photo opps, before taking their front row seats. And check out some of the amazing looks presented by Korto and Michael! 

One participant on the NYFW experience says: 

I heard about Sisters and Suitcases from a friend and she invited me to New York to attend. I am having a blast, this has been a once in a lifetime experience! I see great things for Sisters and Suitcases!
— Jacquita

If you want to get in on the fun, bond building, memory making experiences Sisters and Suitcases provides, check out their upcoming trip to Italy!