3 Ways to Actually Enjoy a Long Layover

Beach Resort Isla del Rosario Cartagena

I’m just back from another amazing trip to Cartagena! The city was just as beautiful as it was when I went in April for my birthday, but this time felt so familiar, almost like it could become a second home. On the way back we ended up with an 8 hour layover in Panama City, so we were able to explore the gorgeous Casco Viejo before flying home. Sometimes long layovers are unavoidable, but if you end up having one here are 3 ways to make it worthwhile! 


If you’ve got 3 to 4 hours

Get lounge access. If your credit card or airline perks don’t get you in for free, the passes usually only average $30 and are totally worth it. The space is way more comfortable than waiting at your gate, there is always free Wi-Fi and snacks, and sometimes complimentary drinks. Use the time to catch up on emails and social media in a more relaxing environment before finding the best restaurant in or near your terminal for a proper lunch or dinner before boarding.

If you’ve got 5-6 hours

Hop in a cab to the hippest part of town, the one every guide says can’t be missed. Even if it’s an hour away from the airport, you’ll still have time to explore a bit, get some #content and find a quaint spot for lunch and/or cocktails before heading back to the airport. Just make sure you check your luggage through to the final destination before leaving your origin city. 

If you’ve got 7+ hours

These are my favorite because once you take out travel time to and from the airport, you still end up with a good 5 hours to explore.  You can spend an hour or 2 taking in sites, museum or gallery hopping, and even a bit of shopping. Just make sure your phone is fully charged before you get off the plane so you’ll be ready to take loads of pics and look up activities or sites near you as you make your way through the new cities.

 What are your favorite tips for getting through long flights and/or layovers?