4 Ways to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Images by Earl Jackson

Images by Earl Jackson

I'm usually on my fitness A-Game hard core from March until May or June. However by the time July and August roll around I start slacking. It could be the fact that barbecue season is in full effect, or I'm spending my days downing rose at a rooftop lounge instead of trying a new fitness class. In any case, the older I get the more any bit of weight starts to stick, so I'm trying to be more attentive to my habits and not let it up. Here are my tips for staying motivated year round, that don't include comparing yourself to celebs or Insta-models! 


1. Go back to something you love

It's always great to try something new, but returning to a workout routine that you love can shake things up and make you look forward to your sweat sessions. For me, I've always loved yoga but never made it part of my weekly workout schedule, so I'm making more effort to fit it in instead of always trying something new. 

2. Get digital help

If you can't afford a trainer, turn to social communities or training apps to help inspire you. I'm  fan of the #BBG squad on Instagram, and have heard great things about the Nike app and Vi, an artificial intelligence personal trainer. 


3. Go shopping!

Nothing motivates like a new outfit. So grab some cute new gear or accessories to get you going. My Frends headphones are a must since I can't survive workouts with no music. And these cute cutout leggings were the perfect look to make me want to get more gym time in. 

4. Plan a Trip

The best way to keep you from slacking in the gym when summer winds down is to have a trip on deck, preferably one that will require a bikini. Mine is typically Art Basel, when I venture to Miami in early December, right after Thanksgiving. 

Any tips I missed? Let me know in the comments how you stay on your A-Game!