How to Get Fit the Fashionable Way

January may be the official start of fitness season, but the weeks before Memorial Day mean it's time to kick it into high gear! Even though I work out regularly year round, I still think of this time as the opportunity to reassess my fitness goals and progress since the start of the year  I think I have a workout formula that is working for me so I’ll be sticking to it, just stocking up on cute workout gear to show off the body I’m sculpting!  Here are some of my favorite workouts and what to wear to each of them.


I usually loathe cardio but consider it a necessary evil, so try to get it in by cycling. I love the high energy and intensity of the workout. Whether it’s at a trendy studio or your local gym, slip into a moisture wicking tank and cropped leggings and get ready to sweat!


I have yet to try Crossfit but it’s on my list this year. Until I finally take the plunge, I make it a point to get into a cross-training class at my gym. The workout blends strength training and cardio drills for an intense full body workout. My go to look is capri leggings, colorful sports bra with light, breezy tank layered on top and my classic Nike cross-trainers.

Pole Dancing

There is no better way to work your legs, arms, core, back and glutes, while at the same time building flexibility. I’ve been a regular at Body & Pole for some time, and their classes have help me get amazing results and have more fun in the process than any other workout. Most pole classes require a lot of exposed skin to help you grip the pole, so short shorts and a good sports bra are necessary.


Sculpt your arms and core while releasing stress and feeling like a bad ass? Sign me up! It’s no wonder boxing is a favorite workout of some of today’s top stars and supermodels like Gigi Hadid . When I hit the studio, I opt for a sports bra, cropped tank, and boxing shorts, plus wrist wraps for extra protection.


Flexibility is my second biggest fitness goal this year. I spend at least 10 minutes stretching after each workout and I do a longer 30-45 minute stretch and foam roll session at home weekly. I am also committing to doing yoga at least once a week to keep all the muscles I’m building long and lean.  I like loose fitting lightweight harem style pants since they are nice and breezy but fit tighter around the ankle so they don’t fly around too much. Pair them with the Nike studio wraps that keep your feet from slipping as you sweat.

What workouts are your favorite? Any ideas I should add to my list?