Because Bodycon Dresses Never Get Old

Images by  Thomas Graff

Images by Thomas Graff

Say what you want about body con dresses, but I never got over this silhouette. I'm pretty petite but still have some curves and I love figure flattering dresses that show off my frame. Volume is a huge trend this season, but I've been going hard in my sweat sessions and deserve to show off the results! 

I picked up this dress while I was wandering through Lord & Taylor killing time between leaving work and meeting friends for dinner. It's actually from Kendall & Kylie's line, which however you may feel about those sisters, some of the items in their collection are actually pretty cute! I immediately liked the high neck and neutral color, and the black panels on the outside are perfect for making you appear slimmer. The nude tone pretty much a perfect match for my skin tone which amps up the naked vibes and sex appeal. To tone it down, I layered one of my favorite jackets over it, a black honeycomb knit bomber from Ivy Park

The bomber also had another function - covering up the weird boob triangles on the dress. I'm not sure why they thought those were a good feature to include, and they actually don't look too bad on the pictures online. But once I tried the dress on they were definitely not doing me any favors. 

To finish the look, I paired the dress with my badass Jimmy Choo leather booties, but this might go well with sneakers for a low-key sporty vibe. I get nervous about rocking super tight dresses without heels because I'm so short, but I love the idea of it, so may try it out next time I feel like experimenting. 

What are your go-to silhouettes for Spring? Are you going to be sticking to body con styles or getting on the high volume bandwagon?