The Easy-Glam Look You Need for any Holiday Party!


The holidays are the time to bring on the glam! Whatever reservations you had about dressing up and going all out need to get thrown out the window. I love playing with different makeup looks, interesting colors and textures, and of course, long, big hair! 


It's always a struggle finding an outfit that is unique and eyecatching, but will still keep you from freezing in the chilly December temps. I love a festive fun dress for a holiday party, especially in winter friendly fabrics like cashmere and velvet. So when I found this stunning velvet kimono dress I was instantly in love! It's not your typical holiday dress, but will definitely have all eyes on you! 

I decided to double down on the drama with a huge, fluffy faux fur coat. It's warm and cozy and ensures you won't be missed! I also love the subtle 70's effect of the look. 


Now all you need to do is grab an equally stylish friend and get ready to hit the town! 


And let's talk beauty for a sec! I went with a headful of big barrel curls, a shimmery smokey eye and nude cream lipstick. I didn't want to play with too much color and risk competing with the look, so I decided to just keep the colors simple and the technique classic. Overall, I feel super glam, and even though the look is eye-catching, it was a cinch to put together! 

What are your tips for staying glam during the holidays?