4 Tips You Need to Survive NYFW

Image by Olivia Kang

Image by Olivia Kang

Fashion Week is in full swing! This time of year is pretty intense, between juggling shows and parties, managing deadlines, and planning street style worthy outfits for your jam-packed week. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the intensity, here are my tips for staying sane and getting through it in style!

Get up 15 minutes earlier

The temptation to snooze is always real, especially when you are exhausted. But what will inevitably happen is you will find yourself scrambling to get out the door, probably forgetting something you need, all for not even good quality sleep! Instead of snoozing, you'll be better off getting up a bit early so you can have a fresh, productive organized start to your day. 

Plan the night before

Figure out your outfit, make sure your portable battery pack is charged, change your purse if need be. That will help you save time in the morning for the important things, like yummy breakfast, beating the face, and going over your schedule for the day. 

Work on the Go

My lifesaving apps include Planoly for scheduling social posts and Evernote for drafting blog posts and taking notes on shows while in the moment. These tools help me stay on track and be productive even when I only have a few minutes of downtime. 


Sometimes the FOMO kicks in big time, and you feel tempted to go to every single event you can find time for. But sometimes you need a night off to refresh, recharge, and deal with the other things in your life that need attention. A fashion show or party is never more important than self-care.

What are your tips for getting through Fashion Week or other periods where your social schedule is insane?