How to Take Your Summer Colors into Fall

Images by Patranila Jefferson

Images by Patranila Jefferson

Who else is loving September so far? Even though we've got a few more days before Fall is officially here, we are all basically operating like the season is in full swing. Halloween decor has been out for weeks, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and store shelves are full off thick sweaters and warm coats. Even though the mood is settling in, the weather is still hinting at summer, with temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s some days! With weather like that how are you supposed to be inspired to edit your wardrobe!  If you are still dragging your feet on transitioning your wardrobe, you are not alone. I've been struggling to let go of some of my summer favorites, and playing with ways to style them to get a bit more wear over the next few weeks. 

One thing I've been holding onto dearly is my bright colors! The Fall color palette is decidedly darker and moodier, and I'm just not quite ready to make the switch! I live in bold saturated hues all summer, and really want to keep it popping while I still can.

Horizontal Stripe Bodycon Cold Shoulder Dress.jpg

If you are still holding onto bold and bright colors like I am, here are my picks for Fall ready pieces that still have the summer color vibe.  Buy now and wear while you still can, and you can always pop these babies out come next summer! 

Here's to a few more weeks of summer inspired style!