4 Beauty Secrets Straight Out of Hawaii

I'm fresh off an amazing Hawaiian adventure! In between road tripping, sight seeing and way too many Mai Tais on the beach, I of course had to pick up some beauty secrets from the locals. After a few days on the Big Island, I noticed that the native women all had the most gorgeous, shiny hair and glowing skin even with minimal makeup. Check out some of the tidbits I picked up while there!

Long Hair is King

Waist length tresses are not uncommon in Hawaii. Get growing my nourishing your strands with natural oils, like coconut oil. You can even use coconut milk for a protein packed moisture mask. Slather it on after a day in the sun then rinse it out in the morning for an all natural treatment that will keep your hair growing. 

Eat the Pineapple and Put it on Your Face

The pineapples I ate in Hawaii were some of the sweetest and most flavorful I've ever eaten! Pineapples are also rich in enzymes, and some of the local women I talked to whip up homemade masks with pineapple and honey. The homemade treatment exfoliates naturally, brightens complexion and tones the skin. Pineapples are naturally rich in Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acid, two key ingredients in many skin care products.If you are not into the idea of a homemade fruit facial, look for those ingredients in products, like the Pineapple Papaya Face Scrub from Kiehl's

Hydrate or Bust

Hawaiians don't underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. Drink loads of water during long, sun-filled days. And make sure to lotion up regularly and keep the sunscreen in heavy rotation to stay hydrated inside and out. I average 80 ounces a day, and am trying to inch my way up to 100! 

Kukui OIl is Key

I had never heard of Kukui Oil before my trip, but it's commonly used and sold on the islands. Billed as the next coconut oil, it comes from the Kukui nut tree, the official tree of Hawaii. Slather on your hair and skin for a dose of ultra-moisturizing fatty acids. You can find it in a ton of beauty products, and of course, on Amazon