How to Have the Ultimate Hawaiian Road Trip!

Aloha! You may already know this from my Instagram, but I'm in beautiful Hawaii this week on a sponsored tour with one of my good friends and his co-workers. Yesterday was our first full day in Hawaii and it was epic! The island has such gorgeous scenery that changes drastically as you loop around. From creepy roads covered in volcanic rocks, to sun drenched valleys full of lush vegetation, the Big Island has it all. This is the route we drove and suggested stops for your Big Island adventure!

Starting near our resort on Pauoa Bay, we headed south along Route 19 toward Hilo. There are plenty of gorgeous places to stop for photos, like the Waipi'o lookout and Kohala Forest. Plus the city is full of charming colorful walls that are perfect for photos!

Hilo was halfway to our ultimate destination, the Black Sand Beach, so we stopped for lunch and to explore a farmer's market full of fresh island fruits and beautiful, tropical flowers. Hilo is also where you'd get off to check out the Rainbow Waterfalls, so add that to your list if you have time!

After about another hour and a half driving South, we made it to Punalu'u, the Black Sand Beach. I had never seen anything like it and the sight of pure black volcanic sand and intense crashing blue waves was absolutely stunning.

After lounging on the stunning black sand, we had to rush back for a dinner at the resort, so sped along the winding paths up the southern tip of the Island until we made it back to the resort. 

However we were dying to see the Volcano National Park and had been told the best time to go was at night. So at 10pm we changed out of our luau dresses and into leggings and sweaters and got back on the road, making our way to the top of Kilauea Volcano just after midnight. The park is open 24 hours, but be careful because it is dark and there is some wildlife. The glowing lava over the huge open volcano was incredible. Pics simply do not do it justice! 

Overall we spent about 7 or 8 hours on the road and traversed some of the most beautiful terrain the Island has to offer. If you find yourself coming to the Big Island and need travel must-haves get in touch or let me know in the comments below!