My 2017 Style Resolutions

how to wear sneakers dressy

It’s a new year, and the perfect time to think about your look. Everyone suddenly becomes obsessed with fitness and workout tips, but I’m really thinking about honing in on my personal style. Every woman’s body changes, but if you nail your look and some core style principles, looking amazing on a daily basis becomes a much more manageable task. Here’s how I plan to step up my style game in the New Year!

1.       I’ll find new ways to wear sneakers and comfort footwear. 

The days of lugging around flats or suffering in heels all day are over. It may take some experimenting until I figure out enough ways to dress them up for various occasions, but finding the balance between style and comfort is a necessity.

2.       I’ll have fun with color, especially on my face.

I love makeup, but have found myself with a seemingly endless array of shimmery neutral eyeshadow palettes, and taupe or blush lip stains. Occasionally I would do a classic red or burgundy lip. However this summer I stumbled upon a cobalt blue liquid lipstick and wearing it was one of my favorite style statements of the year. A bit of bold color on the lips or eyes, or even both is an easy and inexpensive way to make your look pop. I promise to have more fun in the makeup department, even if only on weekends or special occasions.

3.       I’ll spend less time shopping and more time shopping my closet.

Working in fashion for almost 10 years has helped me build up a pretty impressive wardrobe, thanks to constant sample giveaways, insider discounts and private sales. I usually adopt a golden rule while shopping – if it doesn’t go with 3 different things I already own, I don’t buy it. I slacked on that rule a bit in 2016, largely due to the sudden emergence of some really exciting trends in Spring and Summer.  But in 2017 I’ll channel my creativity, get thrifty, and be more environmentally friendly by inventing new ways to rock some of the amazing things piled up in my closet.

4.       I’ll invest in a quality, timeless designer handbag.

I’ve been wanting a bag upgrade for a while, but whenever it came time to bit the bullet, I spend on something else, usually an experience. That approach has brought my amazing memories, but I never stop wanting the bag. This year I will strike the compromise between splurging on a luxury item vs an unforgettable experience by stalking sample sales and the famous Barney’s Warehouse Sale.

What are your style resolutions for 2017? 

*This post was originally written for Luxe Radar