All That Shimmer

new years eve sequined jacket

New Years Eve means bring on the bling. For the last party of the year I'll be dancing it up in this sequined tuxedo and bandage crop top. Can you believe this entire look is from H&M?!  The top is from a few years back, but I stumbled upon the jacket and pants in one of their flagship stores a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. 

And since the event I'm attending is a surrealist theme, this silly, sexy lace bunny mask is the topper, which I found in the H&M Halloween clearance bin for $5! 

The end of the year has me ready for fun, but also feeling reflective on everything that has happened this year. There has been immense joy, sorrow, pride and fun in my life this year. I'm choosing to not dwell on the bad, but to learn from it. In 2017 I promise to be more attentive not just to my close friends but to the all the people in my life, because they are here for a reason. I promise to stick to the promises I make to myself - to maintain the shape I'm in instead of letting it swing back and forth; to have adventures in the moment without compromising my future financial security; to embrace wholeheartedly what is worth clinging to and let go of what is not. Here is to a new year, and the same old me, only, maybe, a little bit better.