When Paris Calls

After my amazing Roman holiday, the next stop was the City of Lights. I've always been in love with Paris, and this trip only reminded me of all the reasons why. Here's my list of Paris must-do's if you only have a short trip!

1. Skip the top of the Eiffel Tower for the Arc de Triomphe instead. It's not as tall, but the view is amazing, and you can get perfect shots of the Eiffel Tower from the roof.

2. If you're artsy like me, check out the Center Pompidou in Le Marais. The collections are fascinating and architecture is a marvel.  

3. Wander aimlessly a bit. The streets of Paris are lovely and you'll stumble upon so many hidden gems.

4. Save some energy to party. The nightlife in Paris is not to be missed!

Beware though, Paris is a rather expensive city, even more so than New York. I was getting sticker shock at every turn, especially coming from Rome which is quite cheap.  So be prepared to splurge a little or shorten your stay to save a little.