Finding Paradise in the English Countryside

After exploring Rome and Paris, I decided to take a break from cities and head to a very special place in the English countryside. I'm far from an outdoorsy girl, but the glamping experience I had was absolutely incredible. From the heated tent with the plush bedding to the fabulous pools and restaurants, my 3 days there were just unforgettable. I didn't even mind the chilly, drizzly weather! 

Plus the cozy country food was just incredible. I stuffed my face with warm buttered rolls every morning, and roasted or braised meats for dinner, plus copious amounts of red wine and warm, Fall ready cocktails. I've actually never taken a resort style trip where you just lounge around the property for days, but after this experience I can definitely see the appeal. 

If you were due for a vacation like I was, hopefully you'll be packing up and heading out soon!