The Future of Fashion

The past year has been one ripe with innovation in fashion. Here are some of my favorite developments that bought futuristic functionality to fashion, without a hint of geekiness. 

Chromat's Spring Summer runway show was inspired by the thought that clothing should respond and adapt to the wearer. The designers partnered with Intel Innovation to develop two such responsive garments that customized their shape based on the wearer's mood and environment. Each piece was visually stunning, with the technology seamlessly incorporated into the design. 

High Tech Bling

The newest innovations in wearable tech go beyond smart watches. Tech companies are partnering with jewelry brands to develop pieces that are fashion forward and luxurious, while maintaining the essential elements of today's wearable technology. From earrings that monitor your activity level and heart-rate to BaubleBar's beautified version of Jawbone's fitness tracker, the options for those seeking wearable tech that is actually wearable will become endless. 

Smart Apparel 

Uniqlo pioneered high-tech apparel long ago, with the introduction of it's Heat Tech line.  2015 also bought the launch of one of the most innovative textiles I've ever seen - the water and spill resistant fabrics used by Vardama. Ralph Lauren partnered with OM Signal to develop the Polo Tech shirt, which is woven with silver fibers that interface with the wearer's smart phone to share and analyze biometric data. These companies are proving that high fashion and advanced technological features can happily coexist. 

The New Couture

Photo: Danit Peleg

Photo: Danit Peleg

Couture has reigned as the highest form of fashion, but with the advent of 3D printing technology, that could begin to be redefined. One student 3D printed her entire graduate collection at home, and each piece is surprisingly wearable. While the cost of materials and time required for printing will keep most of us from at home printing our wardrobes, in the near future we may be able to download patterns and print items of our choosing, as easily as we print paperwork


What innovations in fashion are you most excited about?