4 Vacation Workout Tips You Need to Stay In Shape on the Road!

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As much as I love travel, there is one downside - struggling to stay on your health game! Temptation is everywhere, and between the dining out, sipping cocktails, and all the local goodies you have to sample. It's gotten harder and harder to stay in shape as I've gotten older, so I really have to find ways to stay balanced.

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When I travel for just a long weekend I usually skip the workouts just because you have less time to explore and it's really not a big deal if you only miss a few days in the gym. But on my recent trip to Spain was almost 10 days long, so I knew I needed to get in exercise at least 3 or 4 times on that trip! Here is how I was able to squeeze in my sweat sessions while on a long vacation!

1. Pick a hotel with a gym

A lot of hotels have fitness centers, so when you are starting your search, look for properties that have that as an amenity. Even if it isn't a fancy one with a lot of high-tech equipment, you can still get a quality workout session done. 

2. Use your room if you have to

If you end up at a hotel that doesn't have a gym,  you can still make do with what you've got! Download or print out free workouts that don't require equipment and get to work in your room. Remember, you can do push-ups and squats anywhere! I also usually travel with a pair of resistance bands, and here are some band-only exercises I love!  

3. Make fitness part of your itinerary

Go hiking, take a long walk through town, or check out a local fitness studio. If you prioritize staying in shape while on your journey, you will find a way to make it happen!

4. Don't be afraid to leave your friends

Not everyone will share your priorities or want to spend their time the way you do. If you are traveling in a group and you find yourself being the only one that wants to get a workout in, then go right ahead and do it! If you have group activities planned that you don't want to miss, get up earlier or plan which days will be your workout days and which will be off.  

Let me know if you care more about staying fit even when you are on the go, and how you accomplish that! And if you like my workout look, shop the story below!

5 Tips to Save for Your Mallorca, Spain Experience!

I'm back home from an amazing week in Spain! I think Spain is one of my favorite places to travel. I've been several times to several different cities and I always have a blast. Of all the cities I've been to, Seville was my favorite and Mallorca is now a close second! It's a large island in the Mediterrean full of gorgeous beaches, hikes that range from beginner friendly to expert only, amazing vineyards. Check out some of my tips for exploring this stunning island!

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1. Rent a Car

Driving is definitely not my cup of yea, ESPECIALLY not internationally! But both of my travel buddies had experience on the roads so we rented a car for only 200 euros for the week! There are so many beautiful things to see on the island, and renting a car is the cheapest and most flexibile way to get the most out ouf your trip. If that's not an option for you, stay close to Palma since that's the biggest city, and you can look for guided tours that will take you around by bus and make set stops. The roads and little towns are so scenic, you can spend a perfect day just driving around and stopping to explore randomly. 

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2.  Go Shopping!

Most people are surprise by this, but I really hate shopping. I packed with only a carry-on since I prefer packing light, and I really wish I had bought a bigger bag or came with it half-empty! Between the amazing wine we picked up at local vineyards, the jamon and cheese we desperately wanted to sneak past customs, and beautiful boutiques with locally made clothing and jewelry, I was in heaven! I bought back the two-piece set in the photo above and another dress from a boutique, but I only had room for 1 bottle of wine :(

Learn from my mistakes and leave room to bring stuff back. I promise you will want to! 

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3. Take a hike

There are so many beautiful hikes to choose from, so definitely add this to your to do list! There are easier ones that lead to beaches and little towns and other more intense routes for those that want a challenge. Whatever you decide, your body will thank you for the exercise after a few days on the jamon, cheese, and wine diet! 

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4. Move slower

There can be alot of pressure when you are traveling to see and do everything. This trip reminded me to slow down, relax, and really savor my experiences. Maybe it was the long sun-filled days since the sun didnt set until around 9. Maybe it was the fact that we had a list of things we wanted to do, but no set daily itinerary. But there was a definite appeal to having long leisurely days, seeing a lot, but having the energy and state of mind to really take it in. 

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5.  See more

Even though Mallorca was our main destination, there are no direct flights from the US, so you have to stop somewhere. We decided to book our main flights in and out of Barcelona and spend a day there on either leg of the trip. It was a quick and easy way to explore more since instead of just doing a layover on the way in. 

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