All the Spring Must-Have Beauty Buys in the 2019 VIB Sale!

Spring Beauty Shopping.jpeg

Ready for some serious shopping? The Spring Sephora VIB sale kicks off this week and I am so excited! Sephora discounts are few and far between, so this is when I stock up on my favorite products, try new goodies that are hitting the shelves, and get ready to step up my beauty game for the new season. 

There are 2 tiers to the sale; VIB Rouge Members save 20% on their purchases between 4/26-5/1 and VIB Members save 15% between 5/2-5/6. It’s not a huge percentage off but considering the fact that Sephora pretty much never discounts store-wide now is the time to shop and save. 

Here are some of the goods I’ll be adding to cart this VIB sale!

Sephora VIB Sale Shopping Guide

Must-Try Face Makeup for the Perfect Summer Skin

This season’s skin is all about a natural glow! I’ll be trying the new Fenty Beauty Bronzers for sure, since pretty much everything else in the product line is incredible. Plus I’ve had the Becca Shimmering Skin Highlighter on my list for a while, so will get one or 2 of these, plus this brand new Nars liquid highlighter for when I want an all-over glow! And when we inch closer to summer I’ll be trading my usual foundation for a lighter weight tinted moisturizer. 

Bold, Colorful Makeup for Fun Trendy Spring Looks

One of my most-used palettes last season was the Too Faced Natural Love palette, so I’m excited to test the newest version, Too Faced Natural Lust! I’m also obsessed with the new ABH Riviera palette and will be finishing all my summer looks with either a pop color eye or bold lip.

Body Care Products for a Head to Toe Glow

Since warm weather means exposing more skin, don’t forget about the rest of your body! The Fenty Beauty Body Lava is back in some hot new shades, and I’ll be updating my anti-cellulite routine with some new firming creams and masks. Plus a body scrub is an essential for the season, and I’ll be going for one like this Laura Mercier, that is super gently and luxurious. 

Skin-Care Essentials for Glowing Skin All Spring Summer

And don’t forget the skin care essentials! I live for these Sephora Collection sleeping masks and eye masks so will be stocking up on both! And I desperately need to replace my Clarisonic brush heads so will buy a few of those, or maybe this set of head to toe body buffers! And of course, makeup remover wipes because you can never have enough of those! 

Let me know what you are adding to cart and what beauty trends you are most excited about! 

My Fall VIB Sale Shopping List

Sephora VIB rouge Sale.jpeg

Sephora just announced their Fall VIB sale and I am so ready! As you guys know, Sephora sales are few and far between so they are a great time to stock up on your beauty faves and try some new things while they are discounted. Check out my shopping list below! 


I'm stocking up on old favorites and trying out some new goodies. The Nars team sent me the new Orgasm Illuminating Powder and I'll definitely be buying a new jar while it's on sale! Plus I'm almost out of the Radiant Creamy concealer that is one of my go-tos so will definitely get one. And since my skin has been behaving so much better these days, I want to try a lighter, tinted moisturizer instead of my usual full-coverage liquid foundation. I may also throw in some of these cheap travel masks from Sephora collection, and test out the new gummy version of my go-to hair vitamins from Hum! 


I've been stalking the ABH Norvina palette since it dropped so may finally pick it up! I'm also loving face/cheek palettes from Nars and ABH, and this lip palette that is full of more colors than I'd know what to do with! 


Gift sets are always a great deal, whether or not you actually gift them or keep them! Tatcha never disappoints, and these Stila liquid eyeshadows are incredible! You guys also know I love the Brazilian Bum Bum cream to keep the dimples away! Plus I just started using Beauty Blenders, and this set that combines some new and old faves is right up my alley! And can't forget some new Fall friendly lip colors and my go-to fragrance layering kit. 

Let me know if you guys try any of these or what else you add to cart! 

Beauty Secrets to Know: How to Get Rid of that Pesky Cellulite!

Beach Body Beauty Tips

Let's talk about cellulite! You guys know I love blogging about all things beauty, and taking care of those pesky dimples is an important part of my routine. Cellulite can affect anyone no matter how thin you are. It's not about how much you weigh, but is really caused by fat deposits pushing through the connective tissue in the skin. It can happen anywhere on your body but is most common in the thighs and butt. And while we are living in a day and age of body positivity and accepting your flaws, I'm still of the school of thought that if you really don't like something about yourself you have every right to try to fix it.  And while I applaud the women who embrace their cellulite, this is a beauty blog, and I'm still very dedicated to my routine that keeps it away. So if you want to learn my tips for how to get rid of yours, keep reading! 

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

1. Prevention is Key

As with anything skin care related, prevention is the first and most important step of treatment. I have been using anti-cellulite products since college, really before I had much of anything to worry about. And as I've gotten older and my body has changed, I firmly believe the routine I've stuck to consistently over the years has helped prevent my cellulite from really developing. If you already have some don't worry too much! You can definitely reduce it's appearance significantly even if you don't get rid of it completely. 

2. Layer on the products

My holy grail system has been Bliss Fab Girl Slim and Fab Girl Sleep.  They recently rebranded slightly, but it seems the products are the same ones I've used and loved. I've used that duo day and night for years and it has definitely made a difference in keeping my skin smooth and dimple free. If you are just starting out they will take a few weeks before you see a difference, but consistency is key if you are going to see results. They also make a tummy toning gel called Fab Girl Six Pack which I have used off and on, mostly just because I like the tingly feeling when you put it on.  And when I need an extra smoothing, firming boost, I use the Body Shop Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay Mask. It's a firming mask that tightens and tones for extra smooth skin. I've found the best way to apply it is to smooth on a thick layer, then wrap your butt and thighs up in Saran Wrap, then hang out looking ridiculous for 20-30 minutes while it does it's thing. Yes, it sounds silly, but hey it's totally worth it!

3. Get a temporary glow

If you are looking for a quick fix before a vacation, the best thing you can use is the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells incredible and will temporarily tighten skin, plus it leaves a very subtle shimmer that will give your bod a natural looking glow. I keep a mini version in my beach bag at all times! And tools like dry-body brushes and suction devices can give you some temporary relief!

4. Take it Up a Notch

If you've got deep set cellulite and are really desperate to get rid of it, you may want to look into some non-invasive treatments to get rid of it. Lasers can work wonders on pretty much any beauty concern, and there are also newly FDA approved treatments like Cellfina. Do your research and ask a cosmetic dermatologist to weight in on any procedure you are considering. 

Let me know in the comments what you'll be trying!



5 Fall Beauty Trends That Go From Runway to Real Life

Fall Beauty Trends Runway to Real Life.jpg

It's the time of year to refresh your beauty wardrobe. Even though I've been dragging my feet on updating my closet, I've definitely made more than one trip to Sephora, stocking up on new palettes, liners, and lipsticks. Check out the hottest runway beauty trends that you can pull off IRL! 

Plum Lips

The dark lip is a quintessential look for Fall. Instead of wine and red, this season try a deep plum for a new take on the classic deep lip. Purple hues are surprisingly flattering on a wide range of skin tones. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and simple to let those lips stand out. 

Metallic Eyeshadow

Even though I haven't gotten my hands on Trophy Wife yet, I'm still obsessing over everything else gold and shimmery. Lay it on thick on the eyelids for maximum impact. The trend also comes alive in rose gold, berry, and silver, so try it one way or all, depending on your skin tone. 

Millennial Pink Everywhere

It's the color of the season so why not wear it from head to toe! The soft rosy hue is universally flattering and lends and instant aura of romance and youthful beauty. So go ahead and dust a rosy pink across your eyelids, apply a healthy helping of blush, and finish the look with a rosy pout. You'll look like you stepped right out of a Victorian romance!

Pop Color Eyeshadow

This trend is huge for summer and I'm so happy its continuing into Fall. Go bold or go home! Go for bright blue, magenta, or a combo of pop colors for a standout effect. 

Extreme Nail Art

Runway manis were long and sharp, delicately detailed, or covered in fringe or chunky embellishments. Make the trend a little more appropriate for normal life with shorter length and less aggressive elements. 

The 8 Beauty Must-Haves You Need for Fall!

Image by  Jordan Edwards

It's about the time of year when this beauty junkie needs some product refreshing!

I'm pretty much doing my best when it comes to summer beauty - keeping my face on, managing the sweat and humidity, and keeping the frizz at bay. This season is a challenging one and I'm really getting over it! But I can't help but be excited about some of the Fall beauty trends and colors I'm starting to see teasers of online. 

Here are a few of the products I'm super excited to try and staples I'll be restocking!

What I'm Buying in the Sephora VIB sale!

Me being a Sephora junkie

Me being a Sephora junkie

You guys know I obsess over all things beauty. I love a beat face and the only thing I'm  OCD about is my skin care routine. I stock up on favorite products 2 times a year, during the magical time known as the Sephora VIB sale. Sephora NEVER has sales, except for these time periods, so now is the time to stock up and save, or try products you've been curious about while they are discounted Here's what I'll be adding to cart this week when the sale kicks off! 

The T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial

This peel has been a cult favorite among beauty editors since it launched! It's constantly flying off the shelves, so this is the product I'll be going after most aggressively! I scored a sample of in one of the Sephora weekly special deluxe sample giveaways and I have to say it is worth the hype. The tiny tube I got gave me about 3 uses, and my skin was noticeably brighter and tighter. It does sting a little so if you have dry or sensitive skin, use with caution, but this has potential to be a holy grail for my oily skin, so I want to see what effect it will have after continued use.  


An Eyeshadow Palette

I'm pretty desperately in need for a go-to palette, and after some considered research I've narrowed it down to either the Too Faced Natural Love or the Anastasia Modern Renaissance. I love the deep, dramatic wines and burgundies of the Modern Renaissance, but the Too Faced palette has so many more colors, and the soft pinks and champagne shimmers are so romantic! I'm really torn and def don't need both so help me decide! 


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I'm an eyelash lover, but hands down this is the best mascara on the market! For days when a full strip is too much, this really beefs up your natural lashes, but is soft enough that it doesn't make them stiff or brittle, even after layering on several coats. 

A Face Primer

Primer is a must! Especially for oily skin, especially in summer! I've been testing several new formulas and have narrowed it down to these two. The Mineral Veil leaves a soft, natural finish, while the Nars formula is more smooth and matte. I love both, but am thinking Nars may be a better fit for the humid New York summers. Or I'll just buy smaller versions of both of them. 


The Maison Margiela Replica Discovery Set

I love the entire Margiela Replica line, so this set is right up my alley! Each tube is travel friendly and the scents can be worn individually or layered for a unique scent. I'm super picky about my fragrances, but am excited about adding these to my limited collection.

If you are a Sephora VIB make sure to shop the sale when it opens to get first dibs on your fave products!  

5 Spring Beauty Products You Need Now

Well it certainly doesn't feel like Spring out there, but it's that time of year to freshen up the beauty routine! I'm still anxiously awaiting the Sephora VIB sale to really stock up, but in the meantime here are a few products I've been working into my routine. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder in Medium Deep

I'e been a major fan of this powder for ages and the new shade in medium deep is a game changer! I was sent the new shade complimentary from Influenster and love it just a little bit more than the original. It's just as long wearing with a flawless matte finish, and applying it with the giant powder puff makes the application feel even more special. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that is has a slightly red hue, and my skin tone is more yellow so it's not a perfect fit, but still looks amazing  

Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation

When they say perfect matte, they are absolutely not lying. I fell in love with the Dolce & Gabbana creamy luminous formula, which I love for an evening out, but since my skin is so oily I decided to try their matte version which is my new holy grail foundation. It goes on smooth, is buildable so for days when I have breakouts I can add an extra layer, and looks perfect all day. It's a lot more than I've ever spent on a foundation, but worth every penny. 

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment

Primer is an essential for me, and I love this formula! I was nervous that daily use would irritate my skin because of the acne treatment, but so far no issues to report. I can't say it's clearing up my skin because that still has it's ebbs and flows, but it keeps my face on all day and plays well with my other favorite face products.

Julep Glow Highlighting Powder

I love a good highlighter, and this Julep formula has enough shimmer to get your cheekbones popping, but not as extreme as the unicorn highlighters that have been trending. I dust it on sparingly with a fan brush for a nice, healthy glow, and I love that it wears well throughout the day, keeping my naturally oily skin from venturing into highbeam territory. 

House of Lashes Bambie Strip Lashes

I started playing with lashes a few months ago, mostly just because I wanted to practice using them and have since fallen in love. The thing to figure out about lashes is not just application, but which ones actually fit your eyes in a flattering way. I'm obsessed with these wispy, romantic lashes. The name is Bambie and they leave you positively doe-eyed! They are on sale now for only $7, and each one will last a while. I've worn my current pair 7 days in a row and they still look great. I will be stocking up on these babies just in case they sell out! 

What beauty products are you currently obsessing over? 

Beauty Secrets to Hide from the Boys

Image by Priscilla Reyes

Image by Priscilla Reyes

Every girl has her beauty secrets. Some we are more than happy to share with our girlfriends and maybe even our significant other. However, sometimes you need to keep a little bit of that mystery, especially when your beauty secret is actually pretty gross. Here are some of my favorite beauty secrets that I’d never let a significant other see.

Baby Foot Peel

I do this peel two or 3 times a year, and the title doesn’t lie – it gives you baby soft feet. You start by simply soaking your feet in warm water for a few minutes, which is nice and relaxing on its own. Then stick your feet in the plastic booties that are filled with an exfoliating gel and hang out for about an hour. Rinse the goop off then forget about it. Nothing will happen for a few days, until the treatment takes effect and you start shedding skin like a snake. Not exaggerating – you will be peeling off huge layers of dead skin every day for about a week. This treatment is best saved for Fall, Winter and early Spring when you are still wearing socks and boots. And avoid yoga classes or any barefoot activities until the peeling dies down. I have had people stare in horror when I pivoted on my mat and a giant flap of skin rubbed off.

Cellulite Masks

Every woman will deal with the c word at some point in her life, but there are a whole host of products that will help you rein it in. I religiously use Bliss’ Fat Girl Slim but have also recently started experimenting with more intensive treatment masks. I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and am happy with the results. You basically slather it on your butt and thighs and anywhere that is prone to dimples, and to keep from getting the clay everywhere, wrap up in Saran wrap. If you live alone you can enjoy walking around with your plastic covered butt, or put on a bathrobe so you don’t scare your roommate or significant other. Then wash it off in the shower! Since it is a clay mask it tends to get a little messy. I usually do this on days when I have to clean the bathroom anyway.

Sheet Masks

These pack a punch, but are way uglier than your cream or clay formula. Sheet masks are loaded with potent ingredients and are great for boosting radiance and hydration, but the scary white paper definitely looks like something out of a horror flick. And they now come in special shapes and sizes to treat more than just your face. I love eye masks to brighten my undereye, and hand masks for extra moisture in the dry winter months. Sephora also recently released a line of lip masks, designed to moisturize, replenish, protect and soothe dry, chapped lips. I haven’t tried these yet, but they are definitely on the list!

Obsessing Over: Shimmery Neutrals for Holiday

Holiday Makeup Ideas

It's no secret I love makeup.  This is the time of year where getting extra glam becomes almost a daily requirement, thanks to the endless array of holiday parties. I live for a classic red or dark lip, but have been playing with shimmery neutrals and I love the effect. Here are some of the products I've been using to get the glow!

If you haven't heard of Kiko get familiar! I discovered this brand when I lived in Milan and on my recent trip to Rome I had to stock up on their amazing and affordable color cosmetics. For the look above I'm wearing their water eyeshadow in champagne and layered their brown matte lipstick and glitter pencil lipgloss. I am usually nervous about doubling up on shimmer products, but I love how this combination turned out. 

I've also been really into Julep's Skip the Brush Cream to Powder Blush Sticks. The creamy formulas go on smooth, but work well with my oily skin. The desert rose and warm bronze are my favorites, and they have a subtle shimmer that's great for highlighting your cheekbones. 

Another favorite from Julep! Their full coverage eyeshadows are all amazing, but I especially love the shimmery shade in the 5th Avenue & Broadway duo. It's really great for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes, which I do pretty much every time I want to make my eyes pop. 

Pat McGrat Metamorphisis Kit Sephora.jpg

The ultimate in shimmer is Pat McGrath's Metamorphosis Kit. Since she debuted glitter lips on the runway, Pat has been blowing minds with her shimmer, glittery creations and this kit is a holiday must-have. I haven't tried it, but I'm really hoping it ends up under my Christmas tree!