A Sunny Staycation at Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood Hotel Review

This post is sponsored by Hollywood Hotel. All opinions are my own

Sometimes you need a winter escape. NYC has been freezing so I planned another little getaway to LA to get in some fun in the sun! I love the Hollywood area and Hollywood Hotel was gracious enough to partner with me on this post.

The 130-room Hollywood Hotel is one of the most reasonably priced hotels in the city and offers incredible value in a central location. Situated in Hollywood, it’s minutes away from boutique shopping, world-class dining and cutting edge culture, and the closest hotel to The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Park, LA Zoo, Greek theater and Mount Hollywood hiking trails.

The hotel has an on-site fitness center so you can squeeze in a workout when traveling and a beautiful, open-air fountain courtyard, and outdoor pool. Plus they offer a complimentary hot breakfast buffet served daily. A unique feature of the hotel is Hollywood Hotel’s own Comedy Club, which brings all-star comedians to the property on a weekly basis.

Hollywood Hotel Los Angeles
Hollywood Hotel Balcony
Hollywood Hotel Pool
Hollywood Hotel LA Review
Hollywood Hotel Bar

The weather during my visit was pretty wet and chilly so didn’t encourage much exploring, so luckily the hotel was comfy enough for staying in. Make sure you stop by the bar, Route66 for happy hour and check out the vodka tasting!

Let me know if you end up here in LA and how you liked it! And thank you again to Hollywood Hotel for partnering with me on this post.

Hollywood Hotel LA Review

Everything You Need for the Best Summer ’18!

This post is sponsored by  BabbleBoxx.com .

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com.

Summer is the best season! The temps are high, days long and fun-filled, and everyone just has an amazing renewed energy to celebrate the new season! In collaboration with BabbleBoxx, I’m sharing a few of the essentials you need for the best summer ever!

Pure Leaf Flat Lay.jpg
Summer is the season for iced tea, so of course we had to get a few bottles of Pure Leaf Tea House Collection! They are actually one of my go to iced tea brands so I was so happy to see this in my box. The Strawberry and Garden Mint is super refreshing and the Spiced Chai is perfectly balanced with the perfect amount of spice.
Pure Leaf Coney Island.jpg

This is a great drink to buy when you are out and about on a hot summer day and need a pick me up! And if you love at home mixology, I think either of these organic iced teas would go great in a bourbon based cocktail!

On the beauty and skincare front, they included the Beauty Water and Sheer Renewal Cream by Colleen Rothschild. I love a facial spritz for refreshing your skin on the fly and this will come in super handy after long days in the sun when your skin starts to look a hot mess. The team is also giving you guys 20% off all regular priced items with code BOXX20, so get to shopping!
Coobie Bra Post.jpg
One of my favorite things this box were the Coobie Bras. They fit perfectly and are sooooo soft and comfy! They sent me a Lace Back Scoopneck in a soft pin and a nude Lace Bralette. There is also another discount I can share with you guys for these babies! Take 30% off any order between now and June 2019 with code BAB30
And this wasn't in the box because it would melt, but they sent coupons to get a free box of My/Mo Mochi ice cream. Have you ever had Mochi? It's ice cream wrapped up in a sweet rice dough, so it's pillowy and soft on the outside and full of rich creamy ice cream on the inside. It comes in 8 flavors, and I tried the mango! If you like mochi ice cream, check out their site for where to get yours!
Cavit Flat Lay.jpg
And since no summer box would be complete without some rosé, they threw in 2 bottles of Cavit! I love a nice chilled glass, and my boyfriend figured out how to make the most amazing frosé, so I'll be trying to copy his technique.

Let me know what you guys think of the products and if you buy any with those codes make sure to share your pics with me!

Beauty Secrets to Know: How to Get Rid of that Pesky Cellulite!

Beach Body Beauty Tips

Let's talk about cellulite! You guys know I love blogging about all things beauty, and taking care of those pesky dimples is an important part of my routine. Cellulite can affect anyone no matter how thin you are. It's not about how much you weigh, but is really caused by fat deposits pushing through the connective tissue in the skin. It can happen anywhere on your body but is most common in the thighs and butt. And while we are living in a day and age of body positivity and accepting your flaws, I'm still of the school of thought that if you really don't like something about yourself you have every right to try to fix it.  And while I applaud the women who embrace their cellulite, this is a beauty blog, and I'm still very dedicated to my routine that keeps it away. So if you want to learn my tips for how to get rid of yours, keep reading! 

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

1. Prevention is Key

As with anything skin care related, prevention is the first and most important step of treatment. I have been using anti-cellulite products since college, really before I had much of anything to worry about. And as I've gotten older and my body has changed, I firmly believe the routine I've stuck to consistently over the years has helped prevent my cellulite from really developing. If you already have some don't worry too much! You can definitely reduce it's appearance significantly even if you don't get rid of it completely. 

2. Layer on the products

My holy grail system has been Bliss Fab Girl Slim and Fab Girl Sleep.  They recently rebranded slightly, but it seems the products are the same ones I've used and loved. I've used that duo day and night for years and it has definitely made a difference in keeping my skin smooth and dimple free. If you are just starting out they will take a few weeks before you see a difference, but consistency is key if you are going to see results. They also make a tummy toning gel called Fab Girl Six Pack which I have used off and on, mostly just because I like the tingly feeling when you put it on.  And when I need an extra smoothing, firming boost, I use the Body Shop Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay Mask. It's a firming mask that tightens and tones for extra smooth skin. I've found the best way to apply it is to smooth on a thick layer, then wrap your butt and thighs up in Saran Wrap, then hang out looking ridiculous for 20-30 minutes while it does it's thing. Yes, it sounds silly, but hey it's totally worth it!

3. Get a temporary glow

If you are looking for a quick fix before a vacation, the best thing you can use is the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells incredible and will temporarily tighten skin, plus it leaves a very subtle shimmer that will give your bod a natural looking glow. I keep a mini version in my beach bag at all times! And tools like dry-body brushes and suction devices can give you some temporary relief!

4. Take it Up a Notch

If you've got deep set cellulite and are really desperate to get rid of it, you may want to look into some non-invasive treatments to get rid of it. Lasers can work wonders on pretty much any beauty concern, and there are also newly FDA approved treatments like Cellfina. Do your research and ask a cosmetic dermatologist to weight in on any procedure you are considering. 

Let me know in the comments what you'll be trying!



Battle of the Cleanses! Blueprint vs Jus by Julie

Jus by Julie v Blueprint Cleanse Battle.jpg

Well it was only 3 days, but I felt like I was on this juice cleanse forever! I decided to try one to jump start my weight loss before an upcoming vacation and shed some of the weight I put on from one too many end of summer BBQs. Instead of doing a traditional review, I decided to answer some FAQ's about juice cleansing and compare 2 different versions. I did Blueprint a little over a year ago and loved it, but decided to give Jus by Julie a go. Check out my thoughts on each and which one is the winner in my book!

Jus by Julie.JPG

What was the process like?

Pretty streamlined! It took awhile to decide which cleanse option was best for me, and for both companies I picked the option that had a promo code or free shipping, because that can get pricey because of the weight. The Jus by Julie promo was supposed to include a pack of 12 Booster Shots that I was excited to try, but those did not arrive with my order and I'm still waiting for the replacement from customer service. So those won't be included in the cleanse, but they are not a requirement for the 3-day program. I also recommend you do a prep day or 2 before starting the cleanse, and a "ease out" day or 2 when it ends. Clean up your diet, give up the meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and anything processed to get your body ready, and transition out of it when the cleanse is over. 

How did they taste?

I loved all the Blueprint Juices! I did the OG Cleanse and each juice was fresh, tasty and the order you drank them in flowed together nicely. On the Jus by Julie cleanse, I was pretty disappointed by a lot of the flavors. A lot of them included chia seeds which I never tried and now I know I hate. Plus they are more smoothies than juice, so are thicker but more pulpy than creamy, which wasn't pleasant. 

How hungry did you get? 

Not very! Of course I missed solid food and socializing over a meal, but I was never actually hungry. Blueprint definitely kept me satiated, and I expected the Jus by Julie juices to be heartier, because they are a thicker, smoothie style and have more fiber. However I was noticeably hungrier, but that was probably because there were a couple of juices I didn't finish just because of the taste/texture.

How were your results?

At the end of my 3 day Blueprint cleanse I lost 4 pounds. At the end of Jus by Julie, 4.8 pounds. Some reviews of both programs mentioned feeling extra refreshed/energized, having clearer skin and other effects of cleansing, but I didn't really notice much change other than the weight. I do maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle overall, so that is probably why I didn't notice a huge overall impact. 

So which one is the winner? 

Even though I lost more weight on Jus by Julie, and it was the more affordable option, I still give the winning vote to Blueprint! Jus by Julie lost major points from me because of the taste and texture. Some people may love the thicker smoothie formulas, but that was a negative for me. I really only liked the Sweet Spin and Spicy Lemonade and found Spicy Pomegranate and Choco-Nana tolerable.  The others I tried ranged from meh (Chia Berry, Matcha Chia & Raw Green Protein) to vile (X-treme Greens & PB & Jus). I was also a little disappointed with the customer service because my booster shots were missing, and I was told it would take a week for them to be delivered. However I've emailed them twice to confirm that they have shipped or get updated timing and I have not gotten a reply. UPDATE: I did receive the booster shots today, a week after the cleanse. Customer service took a while to respond but they did send the replacements. 

On Blueprint there was not single juice I did not enjoy.  They have some new flavors that were not in my cleanse last year, but I have tried all of the individually except the new Blueberry Cashew Boom and love them all.

So there you have it! If you are thinking about trying a cleanse and have more questions let me know in the comments!