Couples Trip! How to Survive Sharing a Suitcase with Bae

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TGIF guys! The boyfriend and I are just back from an amazing weekend trip in Bermuda! A few weeks ago as we were planning he had the interesting suggestion to share a suitcase. Obviously when he proposed this, a few thoughts ran through my head and the debate went a little something like this:

Me: Why, the airline will definitely let us each have our own bags

Him: It will be fun! And besides you need to practice packing lighter


Me: (out loud) I pack pretty light actually! But half a carry-on suitcase babe?

Him: Yea! You can rough it a bit.

Me: Why would I be roughing it at a resort in Bermuda?

But I love him and sometimes relationships require compromise right? So I went along with the plan! Here is what made the final cut! And for the record he packed his half in 5 minutes, while I tried on about 8 bikinis.  

  • 1 Romper that can go day to night
  • 1 Maxi dress 
  • 1 pair of palazzo pants
  • 1 crop top
  • 1 tank top
  • 1 pair of denim shorts
  • 1 kimono
  • 1 one-piece swimsuit and 1 bikini, each with a cover-up
  • 1 pair of pool slides
  • 1 pair of comfortable walking sandals
  • 1 pair of dressier flat sandals
  • 1 mini straw bag

On the plane I'll be wearing a simple black cotton dress, white sneakers, and a light jacket. And since Dictator Bae didn't say anything about how big my purse can be, I'll be packing all my toiletries, and makeup, an extra sweater, and magazines in a cotton tote that will also be what I carry to the beach. His list was way shorter, just a few pairs of shorts, t-shirts/polos, and flip flops.

In all honesty, it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be! We are both beach bums, so spent most of the day on the beach and his Away carry-on was surpsingly roomy so it worked out pretty well. I didn't even end up wearing the maxi dress, but it was still nice to have an extra outfit, just in case.  Now he thinks this is the only way we should travel! What do you guys think, should we make this a trend? 

And stay tuned for my next post with some tips on traveling to Bermuda!

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How to Pack for Any Destination


I'm packing my bags for another trip I'm super excited about! When I first started this post, the destination was a surprise - all I knew was that it would be warm and sunny weather. However my darling travel companion let it slip the other day, so I know exactly where we are heading! I still loved the idea of packing for a surprise destination so I'm sharing the ideas I had and prep I started before I knew where we were going!

Think About What Your Day to Day will Entail

Back to back adventure sports? Long days on the beach with a cocktail in hand? Museum hopping and taking in cultural sites? How you plan to spend your days will obviously influence what you have to bring. If you have a sneaky travel mate like I do, or just an indecisive group of friends, try to get a general idea of what your options are so you can be prepared.

Have a Uniform

This really only works if you know the weather! For any warm weather locale, my wardrobe will revolve around maxi dresses, shorts and cropped tanks, comfortable stylish flats, and cheap cheerful jewelry. For cooler destinations I rely on sweaters and jeans or leggings plus comfy boots. 

Resist the Temptation to Overpack

The easiest way to pack for any destination would be to just throw half your wardrobe in a giant suitcase. But since you don't know what you'll be getting, err on the side of packing light for maximum mobility and ease of travel. 

Get to the Airport a Little Early

Most airports have some shopping options, especially larger international hubs. Give yourself some extra time for last minute shopping at the airport, just in case there is anything you realize you need for the destination that you didn't pack.