I Moved to LA for Love. This is What It's Really Like

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I’ve been in my new home in LA for a few weeks and it’s been great! The stress of a cross-country move has settled down and I’m finally starting to get out and explore the city. I’ve been sharing some of my favorite pics of LA and my new apartment, but haven’t yet shared the reason behind the big move yet.

Traveling in Los Angeles
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Exploring Los Angeles

After spending 2 years in a long-distance relationship, we finally had the chance to move in together, but that meant moving to LA for his next job opportunity. We both had our hearts set on him moving back to NYC since that was home for both of us. But life had other plans. I knew I loved LA and had visited several times, but I never imagined myself quitting my job and giving up everything for a boy. I had built my career and close friendships all around New York, and I felt judged at every turn for my decision. I had already made a big global move for grad school, but moving for a relationship was different. We’ve all heard stories about the silly girl that gave up everything to follow a boy that ended up breaking her heart, and my friends and family worried I’d end up like that.

However I’ve learned how to drown out other people’s voices so I can listen to my own. My voice and my heart were telling me this was the right decision, the only decision. Making a big life decision is never easy, but it’s especially harder when so much of that decision is wrapped up in another person. If you’ve moved for a relationship or are thinking about it, know that it can be equally joyous and overwhelming, fun and frightening. If your partner is worth it (which they better be if you are moving for them!) they will recognize and appreciate the sacrifice you are making for them. Remember that no one’s opinions or thoughts matter as much as your own. If you ever feel like you are a bad feminist for the choice you make, remember that feminism is all about a women’s right to make her own choices.

And make sure wherever you go for whatever reason, you find a way to make it your own!

Everything You Need to Know About Moving for Love

Memories of My First Love

New York-Heart-Wall

Images by John Hibionada

I'm a born and raised New Yorker. The city has been the backdrop of so many of my favorite stories, and exciting adventures. I'm sure everyone who lives here feels some sort of connection to this place. For me that connection has deepened so many of my childhood and adult memories. New York moments are real, and here are a few of my most unforgettable.

My dad trying to conquer his fear of heights long enough to take me to the top of the Empire state building. He stayed well in the center of the viewing area but let me get as close to the edge as I wanted.

My school trip to Ellis Island when I suddenly became acutely aware that the identity and history documented there was not my own. 


My mother dancing and twirling along the fountains outside the Met, somehow managing to never fall in.

Years later,  the memory of my first great love kissing me at Lincoln Center. He was in a tux and only took me there because he said the New York Times described it as the most romantic place to share a kiss in the city. It took 3 years after our breakup before I could stand on those steps without feeling sick. 

Tearing up over the view on my last night in the city, before moving to Italy for grad school. And actually crying the first hour of the flight, halfway because of the sheer terror of moving to a country without knowing anyone or speaking the language and halfway because I was leaving the love of my life.

Every time I flew back to this city and met him. 


Every time I make it home from work early enough to catch the view of the sun setting over the city from my living room window.  


Here’s to my hometown