1 Day in London

Since I had to pass through London on my way back from Oxfordshire, I decided to spend one night in the city of London before heading back home. London is definitely a city that is worth a proper visit, but if you're just passing through here's how I'd spend the day!

1. Check out the street art, shops and restaurants in Shoreditch. Everything is super hip and begs to be explored. 

2. Check out Big Ben as you cross the bridge on the way to Tate Modern. The amazing collections and view from the roof are worth a visit. 

3. Skip the London Eye. You can get cool pics of it and catch the same view from Tate Modern, without the lines or crowds. 

4. If you can get in, eat at least one meal at Soho House. I visited Shoreditch House and Dean Street and was blown away by the food and inventive cocktail at each location. 

Any other London tips to share from those who know the city well? Leave your travel secrets in the comments!