NYFW Style Diary: Look 2

Fashion Week is in full swing! The Fall collections have been amazing - so much rich color, texture and embellishments. Even though I'm still hoping to transition into Spring dressing soon enough, Fall will be just around the corner, and so will those gorgeous clothes. I'll be doing a full recap on my favorite trends for Fall 2017,  so stay tuned for that next week! 

As Fashion Week drags on, maintaining your energy levels and daily rotation of stylish outfits is a tough challenge.  With so much non-stop running between work, shows, after parties you need looks that keep you comfortable, but also street style worthy. Even though all you want to do is curl up on the couch in pajamas with wine and Netflix! 

Since athleisure is still having a moment, I had no doubt about pulling out my classic Adidas sweats. They are warm, comfy, and have a slimmer fit at the bottom of the leg, so the look is more tailored. 

Since it's still pretty chilly out, I'm actually layering jackets today. This is my favorite leather jacket, a thick quilted baby I've had for years. And on top of that is my fur and suede vest. The cropped chunky style adds a lot of volume, and I love the play on proportions. 

And even though I desperately wanted to put on sneakers, I felt like the look needed a sharp finishing point to really make a statement.  Accessories are like the exclamation point on your outfit, and these definitely get the point across in high energy! I'm at least going to start the day in these super sexy Sergio Rossi pumps, but no promise I'll end up keeping these on all day! 

Stay tuned for the details on my next look, and of course follow all my adventures this week in real time on Instagram! 


NYFW Style Diary: Look 1

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

Photos by Priscilla Reyes

It's that time of year again! New York Fashion Week kicked off on Thursday and so far the days have been long and a nice mix of exhaustion and excitement. I've been in fashion for so long, but this honestly never gets old. I love the energy and chaos, the crowds of fashionable people all converging on a few venues in the city, and the chance to preview the trends you'll see everywhere next season. 

So far the week has been interesting to say the least. I've hit up a few presentations by independent designers and have a jam-packed schedule for the rest of the week. The hardest part of NYFW, other than maintaining your stamina, is figuring out what to wear for each event! I try to mix in a few standout pieces and pop colors, but comfort is the priority when you are legit running in between shows. Plus the February weather adds the even more challenging layer of looking stylish but staying warm. 

Clarkson Square NYFW

I got this bomber in Zara's massive end of season sale. Red is one of my favorite colors, and varsity styles are super trendy this season. It's not as warm as my beloved Canada Goose or long wool coat, but it does the job as long as I'm not standing around outside for too long. 

Plus this neoprene dress from Nasty Gal has a nice amount of weight to it so that helps make this look a little cold weather friendly. It's super figure flattering and the modern silhouette and detailing make it a conversation starter And these Italian cashmere tights from Calzedonia will keep my legs warm and toasty, even in this mini dress. Calzedonia still does not sell or ship here, but I bought a ton of tights back from my trip to Rome in November. 

I started to wear plain black knit booties, but since it's fashion week, decided to be a little extra. These chunky suede booties are a sexy silhouette but comfortable enough to walk around in all day, and the metallic silver star embellishments are the perfect finishing touch. 

Patchwork Varsity Bomber Close Up Details

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Snapchat to see what shows and events I'll be going to! I'l also be guest blogging on a few other sites and will let you know where to find my posts!

Happy Fashion Week! 

NYFW Edit: Look 1

One of the best things about September in is Fashion Week. Even though I always get the end of summer blues as Labor Day weekend passes, the energy of NYFW gets me excited to edit my closet, start Fall shopping and see the best of street style while day dreaming about what I'll be wearing next Spring. My first look of the week was made for evening shows and event bouncing. It's still warm enough to go strapless, so I pulled out this dramatic, billowy cape crop top and paired it with my classic black culottes, both from Asos. You can always dress a little like a drama queen around fashion week, so I went ahead and finished the look with this vintage Greek goddess inspired collar from Sergio Rossi's Spring 2011 collection, a polka dot clutch, and Manolo Blahnik bandage booties. Here's to kicking off one of New York's most stylish weeks, well, in style!