Best Period Ever! The Diva Cup vs Thinx Showdown

Summer Beach Days.jpg

Just a photo of me looking absolutely normal on the beach - as I'm surfing the crimson wave! Periods can be a total drag, especially during summer when all you want to do is live your best life, wear white and pastels, and ya know, lay on the beach all day. Since pads don't really align with that vision, I'm sharing about 2 of my go-tos for that time of the month - The Diva Cup and Thinx.

I reviewed The Diva Cup a while ago, but had some growing pains so put it down for awhile, but decided to give it another go. It took some practice and finesse, but I've gotten pretty decent at getting it in and out smoothly. Here's the good, bad, and downright ugly!


It's safe, environmentally friendly, and has no toxic chemicals! Plus it requires you to get more familiar with your body, which some may count as a negative but I think is a perk. Another thing that most of you might hate but I don't really mind - the removal process. There is a stem, which you can trim to fit your body and make wearing it more comfortable, and the longer the stem the easier it is to pull out. However the long stem kept poking me when I walked, so  trimmed most of it off. That made the wear infinitely more comfortable, but a bit harder to get out since I have less to pull. To get it out you basically have to bear down a bit, as though you are delivering. So you use those muscles to push, while holding it by the base and pulling it out by the stem. It is a bit annoying, but I'm kind of welcoming the opportunity to warm up those muscles for when I need them, ya know! 


Their site says that most women only change it twice a day, but you should be aware of your flow and time how often you need to change it. Because of my fibroids,  my day 1 flow is red wedding heavy so I found myself changing it every 2 hours. That is about as often as I change a tampon on day 1, but those are way easier to remove and insert, so it really was a drag. If you have a lighter flow or save it for days toward the end of your cycle when the flow is less aggressive you may have more luck. 



Seriously don't! I take mine out sitting over the toilet just in case, because turning the bathroom into a crime scene is pretty much the worst that can happen when using the Diva Cup. 

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Another one of my go-to products are Thinx.  I've been using the period panties for years and they are basically my heros! I have 2 of pretty much every pair on the site, for day and night of each day of my cycle. On day 1 I wear them with a tampon or my Diva Cup as backup, but from day 2 on it's just me my Thinx, and freebleeding. 


Honestly, they are kind of my favorite. They are soooo comfortable, and there is a shape for every day. The designs range from cute and sporty to downright sexy. The boyshort is absolutely life, and I can't wait to try the new bodysuit out. And now they are getting fancy with some new colors! 


There really is no yuck factor, until you have to wash them out. And even then, it's really only gross if you are squeamish. They do take some getting used to, and you'll be super paranoid wearing them the first time. But after you make it through one successful cycle you'll be hooked!  


None really, you just have to know your flow. Only once did I come close to a situation, since my period started getting heavier when the fibroids grew in. Just be attentive to your body and use a backup if you aren't 100% sure, or if you plan on being out and about for a long day.

Have you guys tried either yet? Let me know your thoughts about Thinx, Diva Cups, tampons, pads, and all of the above!