Power Dressing: The Red Plaid Jacket

I love styling statement pieces. One piece can really take your look to the next level in just one step! It can be an amazing dress, standout shoes or even jewelry. The options are really endless, but this time of year, jackets are the way to go. That’s the first thing most people see in the winter, so why not make it your statement piece? Plus having the perfect topper makes styling the rest of the look way easier.

Statement Jacket Style Tips.jpg
Red Plaid Blazer Style Tips.jpg

This red plaid blazer is from Zara and was an instant must-have. Doesn’t it give you major vintage Chanel vibes? The fabric is nice and rich, giving it that super expensive vibe, but it was such a steal. I especially love the frayed edge detailing that makes it extra unique. Plus it’s my favorite color so even more irresistible. I paired it with skinny jeans and equally bold red booties because why not make a statement head to toe? And minus the bag, this whole look was under $250! But since I got this amazing vintage Louis Vuitton I have been wearing it on repeat.

This exact style is sold out, but shop similar and the rest of the story below!

Red Jacket Style Tips

And let me know what you think about the video above! I didn’t plan on using it on the blog so didn’t have a wide crop when I shot it. But if you guys think I should post more videos here let me know! I have a few more coming this month, and can start doing wide and square crops if you like them!