The Bra You Need for Ultimate Cleavage

Images of me by  Mich Cardin

Images of me by Mich Cardin

This post was sponsored by Upbra. All opinions are my own.

This time of year you start seeing thousands of emails and posts about what to wear for Valentine's Day. There are plenty of amazing dresses and makeup tips thrown around, but today I'm sharing my new secret weapon for taking any of your looks to the next level. 

Meet the Upbra!
Upbra T-Shirt Bra.jpg

This beautiful bra launched in 2015, after years of design and engineering and provides out of this world lift & cleavage, without heavy padding. The top quality bras are made in America and are beautifully designed and so comfortable to wear.  There are a few things that set the Upbra apart. The cleavage control straps are the core of the Upbra ActiveLift® technology. After you put the bra on, pull the straps to move your breasts upwards and towards the center of your body, creating can't miss me cleavage.  The farther away the loops are from the center, the greater your cleavage.

Upbra Grippy Hearts.jpg

And the cute hearts lining the cups aren't just for aesthetics. They are mini grips designed to ensure that your cleavage will stay up throughout the day.

Upbra Strapless Bra Tutorial.jpg
The Upbra® Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bras also have a high-tech grip around the band of the bra that will keep it from sagging. It also comes with bra straps so you can wear them multiple ways. I tried both the strapless bra and the The Upbra® Perfect T-Shirt Bra and am obsessed with both!
Upbra T-Shirt Bra Review

I was also pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are! Considering the high-tech construction I expected it to feel stiff and almost corset-like on the body, but the fit is amazing. If you are ready to try one, use code KELLYUPBRA10D for $10 off your purchase! And let me know in the comments what you think!