My 2018 Style Resolutions

Images by   AV Photography

Images by AV Photography

We’re about a week into the new year and since I don’t really make resolutions I’m not sweating my progress so far! One thing I do every year is set some new fashion and style goals that I hope will inspire me and keep my style updated. Here are my Style Resolutions for 2018!

New York Street Style

I still won’t dress my age

I’ve got a birthday coming up in a few months, and I’m not spilling the number because that ain’t ya business! Some would say it’s time for my fashion choices to grow up a little, but I will continue to wear things that inspire, excite, and reflect my spirit and who I am. So my go-to pieces, whether they be leather skinnies, oversized knits, or tiny crop-tops and anything backless will all remain in rotation

Winter Beauty Ideas

I will get more wear out of my wild, fun shoe collection

After spending years in footwear I’ve got a pretty impressive collection. But this year I found myself cycling in flat booties and Adidas kicks regularly, instead of one of the many pairs of high quality killer heels I own.  I guess I got stuck in a comfort rut! And while that is always key, I want to make sure I bring back some of my quirky, sexy heels into rotation.

I (might) wear less makeup on a daily

Makeup is a big part of my life, and I love my daily beat. It’s fun to try new looks and experiment creatively, but since my skin has gotten so much better, I feel like it’s time to adjust the routine. Maybe part of my 2018 style adventure will entail getting the world (and myself) reacquainted with my bare, or barely touched face.

All Black Winter Look

I’ll shop my closet more

Instead of giving into the tempatation of new goodies every season, I’ll find new ways to wear old favorites and make them feel fresh again. It will be a challenge to my creativity, but my wallet and the environment will thank me!

What are your style goals for 2018?

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