The Best Black Art from Art Basel Miami Beach

Me with work by Laolu Senbanjo, shot by Julius July

Me with work by Laolu Senbanjo, shot by Julius July

I'm fresh off another amazing year at Art Basel Miami Beach! I can't seem to get enough of the art, the scene, and of course the weather. But Art Basel Miami Beach is more than just a good excuse to get out of the cold New York weather. Art means something to me, and I love being able to find pieces that I connect with. One trend I noticed this season was the rising presence of black artists and work inspired by our culture. Here are a few standout pieces that inspired me this season.

Please note, I do not know if all of these artists actually identify as black, so I am referencing themes in their work! 

Ernst Coppejans Photography.jpg

The Boy with the Blue Tongue and The Wrestler and the Palm Trees by Ernst Coppejans

Monique Eller Photography.jpg

The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Monique Eller


Sankofa Super Future by Shani Crowe and Max Sansing


Girl from Congo by Johan Andersson


Wailing Wailing by Arinze Stanley

If you were at Basel let me know what you thought this season! And chime in if you have any other artists on your radar I should check out!