An Affordable Take on The Trend of the Season

Images by Wini Lao

Images by Wini Lao

It’s only the second day of the week and I’m seriously on the struggle bus! As much as I love this time of year it can get super intense managing so many personal and professional obligations. Sometimes you just need to take a day to yourself to decompress, refocus, and reset. On days like that, I like to block off time in my calendar and hole up at a stylish, quiet coffee shop.  Even though you are still wired, there is something about the change of scenery that can help you relax and get refreshed so you are ready to take on a new day or week!

Coffee Shop Style

Even when I’m taking a day to myself, I still try not to let my style slack. After all, you are just as comfortable in a stylish Fall friendly maxi dress as you could be in anything else! This flowy knit is perfect for Fall, but still basically feels like pajamas.  Since the chilly weather is starting to set in, I paired it with one of the season’s trendiest items, an embroidered moto jacket. This is another one from Candie’s at Kohl’s but it has a much higher end feel. Even though only a hint of my shoes are showing, they still had to be cute! I went with these Victorian inspired lace-up shoes with a chunky heel for extra comfort. Look complete!

Embroidered Moto Jacket Detail

If you love this look shop the story below! And let me know how you stay sane when life starts to get extra.