Photo-Shoot Fresh! How I Get Camera Ready for a Blog Shoot

Image by Wini Lao

Image by Wini Lao

Say cheese!

One of the biggest parts of blogging is spending so much time in front of the camera. I do at least 2 shoots a month to have plenty of content in rotation, so I had to nail a routine to stay camera ready. Here are my tips for staying productive and ready to slay any shoot! 

Prep starts the night before

I usually shoot on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, so the night before is when the process really starts. I love at home manicures so I make sure I get my nails together, and always do a face mask. My favorite of late is the Hydroxatone Deep Moisture Sheet Mask. They are inexpensive but get your face glowing, which is essential every day, but especially when you are going to be on camera. I also occasionally use a white strip to keep my smile popping, and I pull all my looks and accessories out for easy packing. 

Steam, Organize & Pack

Depending on the season and how many l looks I have, I pack either a shopping or garment bag or a carry-on suitcase. I've been using the suitcase more now because Fall/Winter looks are bulkier and I don't want to kill my back.  Look 1 is always the one that is likely to get more wrinkled if I put it in a suitcase or bag, and the others I pack, usually in order of which one will be next. 

Be ready to change on the move

You guys know I love my portable pop-up tent! It's also easier to change Fall looks on the go since you can layer leggings and a tank under your top or bottom so you aren't getting fully disrobed on the street.  I also like to keep tissues around to change lipstick and hair accessories in case I want to go from hair down to back or up.  A little bit of variety is key!

Fellow bloggers, let me know your tips for slaying all your shoots!