Hair Goals: Fulfility's 21 Day Challenge

I'm so psyched to be joining Fulfility's 21 Day Challenge for healthy hair. The program includes their signature growth supplements, a nutrition plan, daily motivational emails and an amazing, inspirational online community to connect with. I was really excited to be invited to participate in this program in exchange for an honest review, since my hair growth has really plateaued the past year and a half. It's been pretty much the same length since then and no amount of protective styling, low-manipulation, and deep conditioning seems to help me get growing. I tried Hairfinity for about a week before throwing in the towel because of the disastrous breakouts it caused. For awhile I gave up on my goal of hitting waist length and decided to just enjoy my hair instead of worrying so much about keeping it protected. That meant more heat styling -- blow outs to get super voluminous twist outs, and more frequent trips to DryBar for straight styles. However I'm trying to recommit to my length goal by revamping my routine, starting slowly now and going full steam ahead by the time Fall hits. This includes: 

  • Monthly henna treatments
  • Protective styling (the dope cornrows, wigs, or extensions)
  • Hair vitamins 
  • Weekly hot oil and deep conditioning treatments

I don't expect a miracle to happen in the next 21 days, but I hope to see some progress. After all, reaching your #hairgoals is a marathon not a sprint.