70's Styling

It's impossible to ignore the wave of 70's inspired fashion that has taken over the industry. From the looks sweeping down the runway to the pieces popping up everywhere from Nasty Gal to Barney's, the trend is in and here to stay. Fashion has always been cyclical, reflective of the culture which created a certain style, and the current mood that brings it back in vogue. Key pieces of the 70's became important due to several key factors;  changes in textile manufacturing, cultural emphasis on a more athletic frame, as opposed to the waifs of the 60's, and more and more women entering the workforce demanding functional, yet appropriate clothing options. Materials such as suede held their shape and resisted wrinkles, making them appropriate for a day in the office. Ribbed knit tops, which once had to be hand woven, could now be produced in mass thanks to new manufacturing technology. And silhouettes were designed to show off ones figure in a way that was revealing and body skimming, yet not vulgar.

As much as I've admired the trend from afar, its one I've hesitated to try out. But after thoroughly falling in love with these boots, I had to give it a test run. I refused to run out and buy new trendy items that would inevitably languish in my closet, so decided to pair it with a vintage Alice Temperley little black dress. You truly can't go wrong with the right LBD, and for someone like me, who prefers a more modern silhouette, this is as far down the 70's rabbit hole I'm willing to go.