Art, Fashion, and their Intersectionality

Image via @paridust

Image via @paridust

As I pack for my upcoming annual Art Basel Miami trip, I'm reflecting on the marriage of art and fashion, and how the 2 worlds collide. Both represent elements of our visual world, so the combination is a logical one. To me, fashion is art, though in many ways and for many people it is more important. Not everyone cares about paintings, sculptures, or installations, but everyone wants to present themselves to the world in a way that is consistent with their perception of who they are or want to be. 

Part of the appeal of Art Basel Miami is not just the art of course, but the scene. Many members of the fashion set are seeking a chance to break out the resort wear on sunny South Beach and be a part of such an internationally buzzworthy week. It's a well-timed and perfectly located something to do in between fashion weeks. However for many of us, the connection between fashion and art is a deep one, culturally and commercially. As Lauren Sherman states for the BoF, "the slew of events -- and exhibitions accompanying them -- reflect the value fashion puts on art and vice versa. From Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton bags dotted with Takashi Murakami characters back in the 2000s to the Serpentine Gallery's annual summer party in London, tie-ups between the two worlds can be mutually beneficial. Art has the power to bring creative energy and cultural depth to the fashion world, while fashion can bring gloss, currency, exposure, and deep pockets to art."

Brands have even staged performance art style collaborations, such as that between Rob Pruitt and J. Brand in 2014, where Pruitt set up spray booths at Barney's New York to create one off hand-painted denim pieces. For the launch of their current collaboration with Domingo Zapata, Superga invited guests to become artists, customizing their classic which Cotu kicks with paint stations. 

The synergies between the art and fashion world will continue to thrive as both celebrate creativity, expressions, and individuality. Stay tuned for my recap on new talent discovered, most engaging pieces I saw, and of course what I wore as I took it all in.