Getting Ready to Get Holiday Glam!

Image by Jordan Edwards

Image by Jordan Edwards

Is it just me, or does it feel like as soon as Halloween is over, the Holiday season kicks into high gear? Gift guides are everywhere, new products are launching in stores and online, and retailer discounts get down right aggressive. And of course there's the parties! Every couple of days there is another occasion challenging you to bring your A-game and get glam. Check out my tips for getting glam in a cinch without breaking the bank!

YouTube is Your Friend

In your free time, pop on a makeup tutorial so you'll always have ideas and techniques in your arsenal.  Some of my faves are Makeup by Shayla and Jackie Aina, but find girls (or guys!) who have a style that resonates with you. 

Enlist the Pros

Sephora has a team of qualified makeup artists ready to beat your face pretty much any time of day, at any location! If you are VIB Rouge the service is free, or just spend $50 in product for a complimentary makeover. I always suggest making an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome. 

Beauty Flat Lay.jpg

Shop Your Vanity

We shop our closets for new looks, so why not our vanities! Assuming all your goods are clean, safe, and not past their expiration date, pull out some of the colors or products you don't use in your daily routine. I love this blue liquid lipstick or pink shimmer shadow for an unexpected pop of color. Plus it never hurts to challenge your creativity and put together new look!

Pop on a Wig

Ready for an eye catching new look in 5 minute? Try on a wig! Have some fun with a look that is different than your natural do, with none of the risk or commitment. If you are new to wig shopping, check out this post with some tips for choosing and customizing one! 

Hope this helps you guys slay the holiday season! Let me know your tips for keeping your style 100!