My Head to Toe Skin Care Secrets

Even though  I look younger than my age, I'm still aware of the fact that I may not always be so fortunate. My skin has had it's ups and downs, being plagued by acne since college. Thanks to a vigilant skin care routine, a wonderful dermatologist, and probably some sheer dumb luck, my skin is more or less decent. Except for that time of the month when all hell (and pimples) break loose. 

Here are some of my holy grail techniques for keeping the skin on my face and body in top condition! High maintenance, maybe. But hey, no woman has ever regretted taking care of herself! 

Double Cleansing

Yes, I wear a good amount of makeup on a daily, and my cleanser literally just doesn't cut it. I start by gently massaging a light oil, like coconut or sweet almond oil into my skin, then gently wiping it off wit a steaming hot face cloth. This gets all the makeup off, opens my pores, and gets my skin ready for cleansing. My go to formulas are the Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser or the Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser


My night I use Neutrogena Fight and Fade toner and by day  SKII Facial Essence. There is a difference between an essence and a toner, as several beauty specialists have tried to explain to me. However I still don't get it! I just know you apply both the same way, and at the same point in your skincare routine (after washing, before serum). 


I recently started using the L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal system that I got complimentary for testing via BzzAgent. I love the eye cream, and the day moisturizer, but the night cream is a bit too heavy for my oily skin. However it makes for an awesome hand treatment! I always rub a serum and bit of anti-aging cream onto my hands before bed. That skin is delicate and is exposed on a daily basis, which is why your hands are the first place to start showing signs of aging. Give them the TLC they deserve.  


I exfoliate weekly, starting with a good brush down with a body brush on dry skin before hopping in the shower. Then I scrub up with a body scrub, lately Ole Henrikson or something from The Body Shop. After buffing I apply a few drops of my hair oil, which containts jojoba, almond, olive, castor oil and rose and vanilla essential oils for fragrance. 

Foot Treatments


Keep those puppies soft by giving them a daily once over with a pumice stone. When callouses get stubborn, I use a gel and foot file to slough them off, and do a Baby Foot peel about twice a year. A quick Google image search will confirm that this is the grossest beauty treatment ever - but the feeling of having brand new feet keeps me doing it!  

What are your go to skin care products? Any tips to stay flawless from head to toe?